How much is a Minecraft Realm?

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Minecraft Realm is an official subscription hosting based server which helps the players to have new and unique experiences with extra features. It helps the players to manage their own Minecraft servers as per their suitability and comfortability. If players set the server as per their requirement, they will feel less stressed and get less involved. This server is hosted by Mojang Studios, the developer of the game, and Realm provides an easy and fast way to create multiple servers. The owners of the game can manage the servers from inside the game without disturbing the players.

much is a Minecraft Realm

Most of the players are not aware of this server due to which players face huge problems with their servers and tend to suffer a lot. Always make sure that before getting connected to any new server of the game, you should grab some knowledge about it so that you can use it well. Realms help its users select the server from a list of minigames to play temporarily and get several game world templates. Some points are mentioned below, which will provide you some knowledge about the Realm’s actual cost and allows you to get it as per your budget.

Related Info

  • The Realm is a subscription-based server that can only be purchased for a particular time period like a month or more. Subscription can be of any time period such as 30-days, 90-days, and 180-days, and the process may vary. If you want to buy Realm for One month, then the price for a monthly subscription is $7.99, and if you increase the time period, then the price will also increase. You can opt for any of the subscriptions, whether for one month, three months, or six months, all depending upon you and your decision.
  • There are two types of subscriptions, i.e., Auto-Renew and Manual-Renew. The Auto-Renew subscriptions are for one month and automatically get renewed after every one month, and players don’t have to get worried about it. Manual-Renew subscriptions are those subscriptions that are required to get renewed manually after one month, three months, and six months, it depends upon your decision and subscription pack. The subscription packages provides different and unique benefits which makes people face less problems.
  • The players are who are connected to Minecraft can get a free trial of 30 days when they opt for a Minecraft Realm. This feature is added to the game now; earlier, there is no feature like that, and players are required to take the subscription first and then opt for the Realm. The price of the Realm keeps on varies as per its subscription so you can take your decision after considering your budget.

Final Verdict

With all the above information, you can understand the Minecraft Realms’ prices and other related aspects. It will also help you to know how you can opt for the subscription in different forms. There are different ways of prices and subscriptions that players can opt for as per their suitability and comfortability.

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