How to Activate a Beacon in Minecraft?

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A beacon is a block that can be made after getting the Nether Star and defeating the Wither. The beacon’s major role is to provide a high beam of light to mark its location and help the players get powers like potions. It is very useful in making you more powerful as the lightning produced by this item is very strong and makes players have a point to remember. This block is crafted with the help of glass blocks, Nether Star, and Obsidian, which helps this block shine in the dark.

Activate a Beacon in Minecraft

When you find a need to grab information about Minecraft, try to focus on how do FIFA sliders work so that you can have some enhancement in your current knowledge. Once you connect with the beacon, you can easily have powers to defeat your enemies and other mobs. For having a proper usage of beacon block, you need to place it at the top of the pyramid made up of the combination of gold, iron, emerald, and diamond. You can stay connected for more details with the following information as it will tell you more about the beacon’s activation process.

Activation Process of Beacon

  • The beacon includes a wide number of powers that depend upon the layers of your beacon pyramid, and you must know about all the layers well.
  • To activate one of the pyramid’s powers, you need to place an emerald, gold, iron, and diamond in the slot and then select a power and press tick sign.
  • After selecting the power of your choice, then after some time, you will be under the effect of that power.
  • When you come under its effect, then you will see swirly effects like when you are drunk with any potion and the name of the effect on your inventory screen.
  • If you build a full pyramid with all the 4 layers, you will get access to the effects and secondary power.
  • Secondary power will help you choose between Regeneration or increase the effectiveness of your Primary Power of the second level.
  • Along with the pyramid, the beacon helps you get both Regeneration and resistance, which is good for your powers and survival.
  • The beacon is very strong as it shoots the beam and also sparkles a light in the sky from a long away.
  • When you are nearby some aspects, it helps you provide some major effects such as haste, speed, strength, jump-boost, Regeneration, and resistance. You must know about all the effects provided when the beacon is activated.


The beacon’s role is to provide some selected items extra powers, which helps the players have some relaxation while dealing with some items. Along with beacon learning, it is essential to learn how squad battles work in FIFA 20 as it will tell you about various battles and help you have memorable gameplay. Once you get connected with the links mentioned above, it will help you know about FIFA 20 from a different game’s information.

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