How to Add Friends on Minecraft?


Adding Friends on Minecraft means planning to play in a multiplayer mode with friends, which helps the players to have more fun and entertainment. Playing together with friends can help the players to have extra and more benefits like getting help in defeating enemies, having more power, etc. More players can deal with any problem and easily fight against any of the game animals, whether an innocent one or a dangerous one. Everything based upon the fighting skills and abilities of the players.

It’s not about Minecraft; friends play a major role in each and every person’s life, whether it is a game or a real life. Players can play this game with their friends by opting for a new world, i.e., LAN World, or with a Minecraft server. Once the players learn how toad friends, no one can stop them from having extra fun and new experiences. It’s a duty of the players to have all the related knowledge about the game and the friends so that they can add them and play the game with some knowledge or more.

 Add Friends on Minecraft

For learning how to add friends in the game, you can pay attention to the following information. It will help you to know all the significant points related to your query.

Steps to Add Friends

To add friends in Minecraft, you have to follow two significant steps, which will help you have a safe and secure gameplay with your friends.

Add Friends on Your Microsoft Xbox Account

  • For adding the friends to your Minecraft, you first need to add them to your Xbox friend list. To do this, you have to write Xbox in the Cortana Search Bar and then open the Xbox app, which might be pre-installed on your PC/Laptop.
  • Once the app gets opened, you have to click on the “Social” option; then, you will see a Friends List. You can select the friend from there whom you want to invite, and this is how you can add your friend to your Xbox account. Now you have to add your friends to your Minecraft.

Adding Your Friends to Minecraft

  • The first thing that you have to perform is to open the Minecraft and then open the .exe file from the place where you have placed it in your device.
  • Then from the main menu of the game, you have to click on the play option, then it will help you open the game.
  • After that, you have to access the Realm, which is on the left side of the window, and then click on the Edit button.
  • Then click on the Members button, and it will appear to all the other players and then finally click on the invite button beside your friend’s name.

Wrap It Up

All the above steps will help you to know how you can add friends to your Minecraft and provide you the chance to play with them. It will help you know any other major aspects that can help you increase your current knowledge and allow you to have more fun.



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