How to Add Traits in Fifa 20 Career Mode?

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Traits are something that helps the players to have some control over their character playing in Fifa 20. Remember that different specialists are assigned traits and help you have the trait as per your character. It is mainly used to handle your character’s moves and also helps to increase the chance that players will use all those moves. The moves can only be controlled by the players when the CPU controls the game.

Usually, players prefer to play Fifa 20 career mode as it helps them to have real-life experiences. It helps the players control their characters like a real player and allows them to have new and unique features. Traits are the best way to control your characters as they manage all the moves you make. Most players want to know how they can add traits in Fifa 20 so that they can take advantage of it. Every player has the right to know everything related to the game if connected with the game.

Add Traits in Fifa 20 Career Mode

Here is some related information that will help you to clear your query and makes you handle your character’s moves.

Tips for Traits

  • Avoids Using Weaker Foot – If you learn how to hit the ball and avoid using a weaker foot, it can help you add traits to the game. The game is allowed based on-foot shots and allows you to handle the ball with the help of your foot. Before getting involved in the game, you should learn about how to control your footsteps. If you learn to avoid a weaker foot, it can help you add traits and make you handle your character’s moves.
  • Backs into Players – With the help of traits, you can easily use the best way to hit your opponents and allows you to shield your teammate. Traits are used to keep you and your team safe and make them remain under some safety by having control over them. It can help the players to have control over the players from the back and makes them remain safe from getting hit from the back.
  • Argues with Officials – You can argue with your officials if you get traits added to your game. It can help you fight for your character and make them face fewer problems than a regular game. You should always keep in mind that if you argue with your officials, then only you will get a chance to have some safety for your character in the game. Controlling can help you to handle the moves of your character and keeps them under control.

Wrap It Up

By considering all the above information, you can learn about the traits and their usage and benefits. It will help you to know about multiple aspects of the game and makes you feel relaxed. You only need to keep an eye on your character’s moves so that you can have a safe and secure connection with them in Fifa 20 career mode.

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