How to be good at Apex Legends?

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Apex Legends is a kind of battle royale game that helps the players to have somewhat the same game like Fortnite. There are various features in this game, but the main thing for the players is how to get better at this game. Due to the huge popularity of this game, most of the players are new to this game and want to learn various skills. The players want to get those skills that can help them to stay longer in the game and helps them to become good.

There are numerous games available on the internet for playing, but this Apex Legend is the best game for having a different experience. If you want to learn how to get better at this game, then you have to pay attention to various aspects of the game. It’s essential to understand various aspects of the game so that you can easily deal with various problems. Players should try to keep proper knowledge about the game before considering it.

be good at Apex Legends

Here are some points which can help you to know about how to get better at Apex Legends. It will also help you to know about various other aspects of the game.

 Select the Right Weapon

If you want to become good at Apex Legends, then you should try to choose the right weapon at the right time. It can help you to defeat your enemies and helps you to stay for the long term in the game. Weapon plays a significant role in each and every game so that you can have a safe stay.

Not all the weapons in this game are created equal, so for different purposes, different weapons are used. You should use weapons according to its strength and weakness so that you can have proper utilization of that. For making wooden buildings, players need to know about various weapons. It can help the players to get the right weapon without wasting any time.

Shields Before Heals

Whenever you go on a fight with your enemies, always remember to put a shield before getting injured. It can help you to remain protected from the various shoots of enemies and helps you to stay for the long term. Whenever you feel some danger, you can pop up your shield and have safe movements further.

Shields are made up of hard metal, which won’t get destroyed easily and helps you to stay safe while fighting. Once you have used a shield, then the next shield will take the time of a maximum of three seconds to get back. A syringe takes five seconds as compared to the shield and can lead you to get injured in between.


You can get a deep help from the points mentioned above as it can help you to get good at Apex Legends. It can help you to know the various features of the game and helps you to obtain knowledge about various weapons. Weapons are a must in all the games to have a safe stay and to defeat multiple enemies in the game.

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