Bind Crouch Jump PUBG

How to Bind Crouch Jump PUBG?

Crouch Jump is basically of two types, which are used for two various purposes. One is used to clean the windows, and another is used to vault in the game. It is usually the running process towards the window to jump from any building or a home. You have to jump and crouch at the same time in the game so that you can have a perfect jump to get saved from the enemies. Crouch jumping helps you to cheat your enemies and also helps you to escape from the building very easily.

Bind Crouch Jump PUBG

This type of jumping is seemed to be a great option, and most of the players prefer to do vault because it is easy to perform. One of the main questions by the various players is how to bind crouch jumping, as it is very helpful to get safe from the enemies. Crouch jumping is one of the most important parts of this game without which; this game can’t be played. It is important to understand the importance of various features of the game.

Here are some of the crucial tips which can help you to know how to perform crouch jumping. You can consider the below-given tips.

Tips to Bind Crouch Jumping

  • Players want to bind this crouch jumping to one of the keys so that they can easily apply it when in use. Happily, this is one of the most straightforward tasks on PC, and you can easily set it to any of your keys.
  • First of all, you have to open the settings of the game and then look for the control section where various controls you will see. Then you have to scroll down the curser so that you can select the controls for the jump, sprint, and crouch.
  • You should prefer to bound to the left shift; jump should be bound to the spacebar, and crouch should be bound to the left control. It can help you to have easy usability of the keys, and you can also use them as fast as you can and can have various benefits.
  • After doing so, you need to select the secondary keys for the crouch jump so that if the primary keys do not work then the secondary will definitely work. You should add the space+shit bar macro as the secondary keys. Once you successfully change the bindings, then you can easily perform the crouch jump with various benefits and keep yourself safe.
  • You should definitely use these keys so that you can easily defeat your enemies and make yourself safe in a good way. It can help you to jump from the windows, but you have to take care of the size and shape of the window. You can only go through the rectangular windows.

Final Verdict

You can consider the tips mentioned above if you find any problem in binding the crouch jumping. It will help you to get various keys to jump and also helps to get multiple benefits.

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