Block Twitch Ads

How To Block Twitch Ads?

Twitch is quite a remarkable platform that provides you the option of watching the stream of professional gamers and supporting them. You can find professional gamers from around the world, they not only play the game, but they also entertain. Some professionals are telling tips and tricks which can help you master a game also.

Block Twitch Ads

Turn off ads on twitch

Using Twitch, you can find that there are a few common issues that can make you feel irritated. Getting interrupted while watching a video or gameplay is so frustrating. If you regularly browse Twitch, then you can find that there are advertisements that can poor your experience. The common method to eradicate this problem is to get a membership.

This method can help you to kill advertisements, but if you want to kill all the issues effectively, then there are few other options. Let’s begin by learning the common alternatives –

  1. Download Ad-Blocker Plugin

    Most of the viewers prefer Google Chrome to stream Twitch. It is the perfect web-browser for several other advantages. The primary benefit is, you can find an intense number of plugins that can help to block ads in an effective manner, and they provide easier usability. The accessibility is not going to be the major concern for sure. Due to this reason, you can prefer blockers.
  2. Setting up Ads-Blocker

    Once you are done with the installation of ads-blocker such as Ghostery, you need to log in. Now, you can visit Twitch and turn on ads-blocker. There will be plenty of options to block ads. This can ease up the usability and turn it on will start using. It will block all the trackers, and it is not allowing cookies to store. All the essential services will work, and you can check out streams of other gamers in an easier manner. This is a major advantage.
  3. Re-loading

    In case the ad-blocker isn’t working, then you can reload the page and continue. If you are still getting video and banner ads, then you can click on a plugin at the upper right corner or right next to the URL bar, choose the option of Twitch Ad. Now, there will be no chances that you can get ads. It is a simple choice, but some websites might not work properly in the presence of ads-blocker. So, you have to remove it or refresh the page so that you can get started with the use.


Based on all the methods, you can easily decide which one is best and which one isn’t. Keep it in mind that you need an effective strategy to get started. After that, you can choose other options that you should be looking after. If you don’t want any kind of hustle and you want to eradicate such a problem, then paying for the Twitch Prime membership will be a better choice. It might seem an expensive option, but it can fulfill the need in an effectively manner for sure that’s why you can consider it.

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