How to Breed Pigs in Minecraft?

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Pigs are one of the common passive mobs present in Minecraft, which are used for different purposes and help them have different experiences. If you get to know how to breed pigs, then you can make more pigs from two pigs and make your farm. Most of the players are not much aware of pigs and their breeding process, which makes them lack behind from those who know it.

Before opting to get the game for having different experiences, you must know how much Minecraft cost. It will help you set your budget accordingly and make you feel relaxed about some of the major aspects. You can use the pig for riding by putting a saddle on them, which helps you have different adventures. You can have much more fun with pigs as compared to other animals, as they are cute and sweet.

Breed Pigs in Minecraft

Try to grab all the related information about pigs so that you can become friends with them and won’t get into serious trouble. For breeding pigs, you first have to become friends, and then you can move to your next steps. If you directly opt for breeding them, then they will directly hit you and make you fall.

Pigs Breeding Tutorial

  • For breeding the pigs, you have to make them feed first, and they love to eat potatoes, carrots, and beetroots. The baby pigs remain with their parents, and they take 20 minutes to get mature, and if you feed them, it reduces the 10 minutes from their maturity process. You first have to become friends with the pigs by feeding them their favorite food and then wait for the red hearts.
  • After feeding, if you see red hearts floating over the pig’s heads, it shows that you have successfully made them happy. When the pigs are ready to have special feelings, then you can make them breed by pushing two pigs together and leave them alone. When pigs are done with their breeding process, they will produce a baby pig, which seems cute with such a bright pink color.
  • Pigs usually prefer to avoid height as they fear falling, which makes them feel sacred and remain uncomfortable. It is crucial to keep pigs away from heights so that they can trust you and feel comfortable. If you make pigs feel comfortable, you can easily make them breed and take advantage of them. You can ride a pig by putting a saddle, but before that, you have to learn how to craft a saddle in Minecraft. It will help you to have a safe ride by making an adequate grip.

Final Verdict

With the above information, you can learn how to breed pigs in Minecraft and the other related aspects, which will help you deal with pigs. It will help you better understand all the pig’s related aspects and allow you to ride a pig with proper safety. You can easily understand the entire process if you focus properly and can make pigs your friends and breed them.

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