How to Breed Villagers Minecraft?

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Minecraft has different versions and platforms where players can easily play this game and breed villagers. But different versions have different ways to breed villagers, which makes them have some extra knowledge about the game and the breeding process for the villagers. Breeding is not an easy task because no one trusts you and won’t accept anything from you. It is essential to become friends with the villagers first and then think about how you can breed them.

Earlier, the process of breeding villagers is different, but now you have to provide some food and beds for the breeding process. You are required to take care of so many different aspects while breeding the villagers because it will help you to do the process safely and accurately. If you breed villagers, they will become friends with you and help you complete your quests. You can easily ask for the villagers’ help when you need them, as in defeating your enemies, you will require their help.

Breed Villagers Minecraft

If you think that it is crucial for you to learn how you can breed the villagers, you can consider the points mentioned below. It will help you to know how you can breed the villagers and also provides you extra knowledge.

Steps to Breed Villagers

  • Find a Village – One of the crucial steps that you must do in the starting is to find a village. If you don’t know about the village and where it is situated, you will not get a chance to breed them.
  • Build a Structure – After finding a village, you have to build a structure to ask the villagers to come and breed them. It is optional whether you want to build a structure or not. If you do not have enough space to breed the villagers, then you can consider a structure.
  • Craft at Least 3 Beds and Place them In the Structure or the Village – Then you have to craft at least 3 beds so that you can breed the villagers and win their trust. Crafting 3 beds will require 3 blocks of wool and 3 wooden plank blocks of any wood.
  • Get the Villagers Close Together – After crafting the beds, you have to push the villagers into the structure or the place where you place the beds. After pushing the villagers into the structure, then you can wall off the entrance so that they won’t get out.
  • Gather Food for the Villagers – Then you can gather food for the villagers so that they can have something to eat and have the red hearts over their heads. It will provide some special feelings in the villagers and help them to breed easily.


After you are done with all the above steps, then it will help you to get success in your missions and also helps you to learn how you can breed the villagers in Minecraft. Once the villagers succeed in breeding the villagers, they can easily become good friends with them. It will allow the players to get numerous advantages from the villagers when they need their help.

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