How to Bunny Hop in Apex Legends?

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The bunny hop is a kind jump that players adopt In Apex Legends to jump in some situations to make their enemies confuse. Usually, players jump in and out of the King Canyon to get some hints and tricks for long term stay in the game. There are many features in the game which help players to help their character with various items and cosmetics. If other players found any trick, then it belongs to him; you have to search for a new one.

Bunny hop has various benefits, which helps you to find those tricks which you can’t find without a jump. It’s essential to learn how to bunny hop so that you can also get various tricks and hits. Different players have different techniques to play the game, so it depends upon them how they find the various tricks in the game. But the best and the easiest way to find the various tricks and hints is the bunny hop.

Bunny Hop in Apex Legends

Consider the below information to learn how to bunny hop in apex Legends, and you will be able to find various hints and tricks.

Ways to Bunny Hop

  • Start with the running of 2 seconds and then try to initiate the sliding mode once at the highest speed. It will help you to have a starting for your bunny hop.
  • After initiating the highest speed, then instantly start jumping so that you will able to jump like a bunny.
  • When you start jumping, you have to click on the D key and simultaneously swing your mouse to the right side. It can manage the jumping strategy and helps you to handle your jumps.
  • Then try to jump as fast as you can at the time of landing as in this way you might get some hints and tricks for your betterment. The main purpose is to get various tricks and hints, so try to find them out while landing after a jump. 
  • After initiating the jump, you have to click on the A key and move your mouse to the left side. It can help you to manage the left side balance of the character at the time of landing and try to find out various hints.
  • Then try to jump when you see that you are close to land. It will help you to experience the bunny hop again and give a chance to find out various tricks and hints.
  • After doing the whole process, you need to repeat it for 4 to 8 times so that you can have a continuous bunny hop.
  • Remember to use the healing strategy during the various steps so that you can stay safe after having a jump from a high peak.


You can understand how to do the bunny hop in the Apex Legends and learn how to get various hints of ad tricks. It can also make you more knowledgeable about the various new aspects of the game that you don’t know before. You only need to focus on the above information for a better understanding.

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