How to Buy Arcade GTA 5?

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There is a new update in GTA 5 that is a Diamond Casino launched by the Rock Star games to help the players have some casino based experiences. For playing in the casino, players need first to buy the arcade in the game as, without it, they won’t get access to the casino. Earlier, GTA got huge updates, which attracted a vast number of players and made it more popular as compared to its normal popularity.

GTA receives a brand-new heist of a diamond casino, which can help the players to grab more benefits and get more chances to earn money. The new update provides the players with a new aspect: the players can rob the diamond casino blind. About this update, every player should know so that they can easily grab various advantages and earn more money. Before robbing the casino, the players will require access mean to enter the diamond casino. Here only the arcade is the only medium that can help the players to enter the casinos.

Buy Arcade GTA 5

If you want to know how to buy the arcade, then you can pay attention to the below points. It will help you to learn some essential aspects of the game.

Buying the Arcade

  • When planning the heists of the Diamond Casino, players need to think about how to buy the arcade. The arcade is the only base for the players to enter the casino and rob it by planning in a crew as various members. These crew members can be considered invaluable, mainly the Avi, who requires a difficult mission to recruit. If the crew members work together and plan together, then they will easily grab the various elements and easily get the arcade.
  • The missions that are specific they usually consider all the players to roam all over the map. It means that players need to ride fast so that they can move all around the area in a limited time. The way to buy the arcade for the players is to talk to the Lester in Mirror Park. Remember that the players who have a Prime membership on the Twitch platform will get access to the arcade for free. The players who have the membership will easily save their money by not spending on the arcade.
  • For finding the purchasable arcade, players need to go to the Maze Bank Foreclosures in the Eye Find option and filter to Arcade. It will help you get the arcade by spending some money, and you will get access to enter the Diamond Casino.


The above info can help you in understanding how you can buy the arcade in GTA 5. It will help you to know about the arcade and its benefits and its importance. Without arcade, players won’t be able to get an advantage from the Diamond Casinos. You should make sure that you are reading the information with entire activeness and concentration as it will help you to understand the concept properly.

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