How to Call of Duty Modern Warfare Split Screen?

When Call of Duty was first released with the series of Modern Warfare, it gained such a positive response and became the beloved series to all the players. Most of the players are involved in playing this series as it helps them to have unique and wonderful experiences. It includes a huge number of modes along with which it has a split-screen co-op mode, which helps the players to dive into with their friends.

Players love to play Call of Duty Modern Warfare series as it is considered as the best of all the series. It has unique elements that help to attract more users and makes them feel more motivated to play the game. Every player should opt for the latest knowledge of those games or tasks with which they are connected. It will help you to remain updated and also helps you to deal with your game-related situations.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Split Screen

Here is some related info to the above question, which will help you answer your query. You can enhance your further knowledge related to those aspects in which you are confused.

Steps to Play Split Screen

Before starting the split-screen mode, you have to follow some basic steps which will help you to have a safe and secure usage of the mode. You will also be able to enhance your knowledge of the related aspect easily and be able to play the split-screen co-op mode easily.  

  • First, you have to move to the Specs Ops mode; it is a place where you play various co-op missions with your friends on the same console.
  • After connecting the first console, you have to connect the second controller to your Xbox One or PS4 as these controllers are applicable for the split-screen mode.
  • Once you enter the Specs Ops area, you have to click on the X key, but it depends on your console that which key it has to connect the game with the second controller.
  • The main thing here is that the second player needs to log in to their Activision account for a start playing alongside you. This option is not optional, so before playing with your friend, you need to make sure that he has an account on Activision.
  • If your friend does not have an account, first, he needs to make an account there; otherwise, you guys will not be able to play the game together. So try to be smart enough before making your friend play with you check out about his account related to the Activision one.

Final Verdict

By paying attention to the above information, you can learn about the split-screen mode in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. It will help you to understand the process thoroughly and also help you to proceed with the process with entire safety and security. It would be best if you asked your friends about their Activision account then move further for the playing of split-screen mode.

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