How to Cancel Twitch Subscription?

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Subscriptions are basically monthly based, which helps the players to get a different experience as compared to those players who are without it. Most of the players want to know how to cancel the twitch subscriptions due to various problems. It can be due to some personal reasons like some players don’t have much money to spend on a monthly basis, etc. There are some reasons like which players don’t want to tell, so they prefer to cancel the subscription.

Most of the players are like they don’t want to use the subscription anymore after taking it and want to cancel in between. There are different devices on which players take subscriptions, such as Android, Twitch Prime, Turbo, etc. All the type of players must know about how to cancel the subscription for different devices. By having twitch knowledge, players can deal with any of the situations related to the twitch. After that, the problem of twitch subscription seems to be the smallest one.

how to cancel twitch subscription

You can cancel the subscription at any place with the help of locating the subscription management page. If you want to learn cancellation for different devices, then you can consider the below information.


If you have taken the subscription via Android, then you have to pay more attention to the information as the process is different. You need to cancel the subscription in the Google Play Subscription center, Twitch Mobile App, or the Google Play Website. You can cancel the subscription via these means by signing up into your Google account. It can help you to get rid of the twitch subscription in your Android.

Twitch Prime

Twitch Prime channel is that channel where once a subscription is done; it can’t be canceled. There are some changes to redeem your subscription only when if it is applicable in the following months. You can grab the further information related to the Twitch Prime Subscription from the Twitch Prime Subscription Guide. Twitch prime subscription is good for a lot of players, but some are there who are not happy with this subscription, which makes them feel like canceling it.


If you want to cancel the subscription of the turbo platform, you will be able to find it under various other subscriptions. You have to visit the Subscriptions Management Page to cancel the subscription of the turbo, which will help you to have further details. First, you should take all the related knowledge about the cancellation process of the turbo subscription and then try to opt for it. If you don’t take the knowledge, you have to face various consequences related to the cancellation process.

Final Verdict

With the help of the above information, you can understand how you can opt for the cancellation of the twitch subscription. You should be careful while opting for this step of cancellation as it can be risky, so be attentive. It can help you to get an answer to your query and also helps you to enhance your knowledge.

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