How to Change Character in Fortnite?

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Fortnite is a fun-loving game, and if you love to express uniqueness and good individuality, then changing character is the best. If you change your character in the game, then it shows that you are a unique person with a great personality. When the game was newly released, then there were no options like this available. You are blessed with such great features with the updated versions of Fortnite. Players who love to play this game should be aware of all the updates of the game so that they can take advantage of them. 

There are different ways available to change your character in the game, but for that, you have to pay proper attention. If you don’t pay attention to this game, then you will not be able to learn new aspects of it. Different payers have different preferences according to which they prefer to select their character. There are different items available in the game, which can help you to change your character, such as skins, cosmetics, etc.

Change Character in Fortnite

If you want to learn how to change your character in the game, then you can consider this article for that. It will help you to know more about other aspects of the game.

Ways to Change Character

  1. Purchase a New Skin, or get a season’s Battle pass – You can opt for purchasing a new skin from the game by winning various battles, or you can also go for the battle passes. You can only be able to get these passes at once in the whole season as it comes at once only. It can help you to have various changes in your character by changing its clothes, color, and many other things.
  2. Go to the Locker Tab on the Menu – You can also prefer to go to the locker tab, which is on the main menu of the game as it will help you get new skins for your character. It will help to get the various options for making some changes in your character. Locker Tab collects multiple items while you were playing the game and helps you to save them for future use.
  3. Click on the Outfits Slot – You can also go to the Outfit section from where you can choose different clothes for your character. It can help you to give a unique and different look to your character with various better styles. Outfit Slot has various options for your character top-wear, and you can select any of them.
  4. Equip Your New Outfit by selecting the skin you want – You can also prefer to have a new outfit form the outfit room and select any of them which you want for your character. It can help you to change the look of your character and also helps to make it more attractive and unique.

Wrap It Up

The points mentioned above can help you to change your character in Fortnite. You can consider these points whenever you want to change your character in the game.

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