How to Change Crosshair in CS:GO?

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While playing through Counter Strike Global Offensive modes, you can find that targeting enemies is a bit typical and requires skills. The better you aim, the better score you make in this game. It might be figuring out whether you are aiming correctly or not if you are using the default crosshead. It can make so many things typical, but if you focus on the use of different crosshead, then you can easily boost the progression rate.

crosshair in csgo

Crosshairs are playing an important role in the aiming section, that’s why most of the experts are also changing the default crosshair. It can ease up the work and provide a range of advantages to progress at an effective rate.

Reasons to Change Crosshairs

With the help of better crosshairs, you are able to aim effectively, and it is offering you plenty of advantages. After testing it out on our own, we four that the below mentioned are some common advantages to expect –

  •  You can easily figure out where you are aiming.
  •  When you are focusing on too far, some crosshairs still give better aiming.
  • Changing the color will help you get a better visual appearance.
  • Aiming a higher number of people seems easy, and you don’t miss it.

You can choose different color options and the sizes of the crosshair. It is the common reason that you are going to love the same. It matters a lot.

Method to Change Crosshair

In order to change crosshair, there are several methods, but all of them lead to one destination. So, you can follow this common option –

  • Open the developer console of the game so that you can add a new command.
  • You can open it by navigating to setting menu and then game setting, then developer control and press yes.
  • Now, you can access the console mode by pressing ~ key. Once you hit this key and then press command, find cl_crosshair.
  • Make sure that you install the configuration file for crosshairs; otherwise, it is not going to load any.
  • There are plenty of websites which are offering you the option to download crosshair files.
  •  Once everything is done, you can change the crosshair manually by typing the command, which is as follow – Examplecl_crosshairthickness 3.

This will take less than a couple of minutes, and everything is done. You can find plenty of websites which are offering great crosshair. Make sure that you download the one that you like. On the other hand, you can find a couple of tweaks into the same to make them easy to notice.

The Final Verdict

All the professional games of CSGO are using customized crosshair so that they can get extra advantages from the features offered in this game. Make sure that you stay selective to avoid facing any problem in the future regarding the same. You can use this guidepost to change, but finding the right type and downloading it to your PC will be a crucial part to focus on.

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