How to change Fortnite Name?

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Fortnite is a game in which your character gets a name through which he is known to other players. It is all about your clothes, looks, style, appearance, and choice of pickaxe, which is considered as important as the victories you have scored. If you have a goofy or a bad name, then it will show a funny image of yours to other players. There is no need to worry if you have selected a name like this; there are some ways which can help you reset it again.

You should prefer to put that name, which makes your image looks cool, and you will not feel ashamed with that name. In this whole world, there are so many names available which you can keep as your Fortnite name. Players should take care of their image and name in this game as there are many other players present from different countries. Different people have different tastes and preferences according to which they can choose their name. But players should think about their style and image before keeping a goofy name on such a famous game.

change Fortnite Name

Here are some steps which can help you to change your name in Fortnite and can save you from getting your image destroyed.

Steps to Change Your Name

It’s very easy to change your name in this game and helps you to make a good image in front of various other payers.

  • The first step you need to do is go to the Epic Games Website from where you can access your game account. 
  • For changing your name, you need an account on the Website, but if you are playing Fortnite for so long, then you will hold an account to log in.
  • You must make sure that you will combine both the accounts of the Epic Website and the account of your device.
  • After combining the accounts, you have to visit the Epic website there; you will see a box named Display name. In that box, you have to write your new name which you want to give your character playing in the game.
  • When you start to write your new name doesn’t forget to delete the old name so that the new name will get space to be written. 
  • After making the changes, you have to click on the Save button, which assures you that your name has been changed. If you do not save the changes, then your changes will not be saved, and you have to do the whole procedure again.

These steps will help you to change your name in Fortnite and helps you to have a new name with a unique style and appearance. By following these steps, you will make a new starting with a different look.


 You can consider the points mentioned above whenever you find a need to change your name in Fortnite. It will help you to improve your appearance in the game and get more attention from other players.

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