How to Change FOV in CS:GO?

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CS:GO is a well-liked development, and there are millions of gamers playing it on a daily basis. If you are also the one who loves playing Counter-Strike Global Offense, then you may have seen that this game has a plethora of features. Exploring all the features and setting tweak can take time.

foc in csgo

Due to this, most of the gamers are not well-aware about FOV. Well, it stands for the field of vision. If you have a large or wide LED then you can change FOV to get a better view. It will help you know about up-front enemies from a distance, and you can take over a higher number of enemies.The kill rate and win-rate depend on it. This can directly enhance your overall rank in this game. If you are wondering how to change your FOV in CS:GO, then you need to change a couple of settings and you are done. Let’s learn the method –

Enable Console

In case you haven’t enabled the console then you need to do it from the steam settings. It let you get more controls and several other advantages like playing CS:GO in surf mode and disabling bots from the map. To enable it, you need to press ~ key. It is under the escape button.

Hit Key bind

After turning on the console mode, you can head into the game and start by pressing the keybind. It is similar to CMD in windows. Here, you need to type a command “viewmodel_fov” to begin. Once you hit enter, you will get plenty of options. Among all those, the lowest field of view possible is 54, and the highest you can expect from the same is 68.

Option in FOV

As you turn this tweak on, you will find that your player possible will be same, but you are getting better view on the map. At 54, your player will be closer to the screen, and you are getting least view. This view is best to aim perfectly, but you are missing so much in the corners.

What to Expect?

On the other hand, if you turn on the 68 option, you will be getting a wide view, but the detailing in graphic won’t be that high. In this case, you might feel that it is slightly hard to aim, but if you are using a high end-gaming monitor, then you won’t be getting this issue at all.


It totally depends upon your gameplay that how you play this game. If you like playing with a close-range, then the lowest setting might feel tempting. On the other side, you might like the wide view of the screen, which can let you see most of the enemies on the map.If you ever want to change settings in the future, then you can use the same command and choose the FOV you want. It is absolutely easy, and if you follow the command accurately, you can do it without any problem. We hope that this post will help you get the desired FOV.

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