How to Change Game Mode in Minecraft?

Minecraft includes many different modes, which helps the players have different experiences as per the mode of the game. The game includes survival, creative, and adventure modes and allows players to have different environments. When you prefer to change the game mode, you should also learn how to make a lantern in Minecraft. It will help you to have some help when you get into a new environment.

Change Game Mode in Minecraft

Changing game modes can help you have to make your surroundings unique and different and allow you to have some adventure. If you feel that you are not much aware of the game and its multiple modes, then you must know about it. Once you get to know about it, it will help you change mode and make you feel more comfortable staying connected to the game.

You can change the mode in different editions as the game has multiple versions to get played and helps you to have a new experience. There are different methods to change the mode in Console Edition and in Java Edition, which can help you have different views. Try to be attentive while considering the below information, as it will help you know how you can change modes in the game.

Method 1:

Console Edition

  • Open the World – First, you have to open the world where you want to change your game mode, and it can be your world or the LAN world. To get to the LAN world, you have to click on the Friend button and then open the world of your choice.
  • Select Your Game Mode In the Console Edition, you have three game modes: creative, adventure, and creative. You have a choice in all these three modes, and you can opt for the one as per your choice.
  • Enter the Command – Finally, after selecting the world and the mode, you have to enter the commands for different modes by pressing the chat button, and here are the mode’s commands. For survival mode, you have to use /gamemode 0, for creative mode /gamemode 1, for adventure mode /gamemode 2.

Method 2:

Java Edition

  • Open the World – In this edition, you have to open the world of your choice, and you have two options, i.e., your world and one is the LAN world. For getting into the LAN world, you have to click on the Multiplayer button.
  • Select Your Game Mode – Java Edition includes creative, survival, adventure, and spectator mode, which helps you have different experiences.
  • Enter the Command – Finally, you have to enter the commands for different modes by pressing the T key. For survival mode use /gamemode survival, for creative mode use /gamemode creative, for adventure mode use /gamemode adventure and spectator mode use /gamemode spectator.

Make sure that you will change the mode by having proper knowledge and also learn how to make a torch in Minecraft. It will help you to have a clear view of all the things present in the game so that you can use the right item for the right things. After changing the mode, you might need a torch to use the right mode for playing different experienced games.

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