change your name in Fortnite

How to change your name in Fortnite?

There are different devices available in which you can easily play this game, such as PC, PS4, Xbox One, Android, and iOS. You should always pay proper attention to the various features of the game so that you won’t face any problem. When players plan to plat Fortnite, then they don’t consider knowing about multiple aspects of the game. It is essential for the players to know about them so that they can make various changes in the game.

One of the most common changes that every player wants to do is the change in the name. Epic Games help you to get a chance to make changes in your Fortnite game so that you can make different identities. A change in the name can lead you to various changes in the game and also helps you to gram new features. It is important for you to understand the importance of name change so that you can do that on your own.

change your name in Fortnite

Here are some of the points which can help you out to know how to change your name in Fortnite. It will also help you to know about various aspects of the game and devices.

Steps to Change Name (PS4)

There are different devices, and for each device, there are different steps to change your name. Here are the steps which can help you to change your name in PS4, and PS4 users can take advantage of them for having a new name.

  • First, you need o go to the settings of the game from where you can get an option to move further to your next step. It can help you to know about new things about the game.
  • After going to the settings from there, you have to select the account management form where you can make changes in your name.
  • Then you have to move further to Account Information, Profile, and then Online ID from there; you will be able to move further to the name change process.
  • Next, you have to enter your PSN names on the option until one gets selected, so that you can make some more changes for your latest names.
  • Then you have to follow the information given on the screen to get help in changing your name in the game. It will help you to have a new name in Fortnite with more attractive features and accessibilities.
  • After getting the name changed, you will able to see a message about that your name has been changed successfully. When you log in to the game, then you will able to see a new name of your character, which helps you to play your game with that new name.


For having a change in your old name in Fortnite, you need to know about the various steps. You can consider the points mentioned above if you want to change your name in PS4. It can help you to have a new name along with various new features and accessibility.  

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