check fps in CS: GO

How to check fps in CS: GO?

There are different ways available that can help you to check fps in CS: GO. Fps stands for frame per second, and it helps you to experience various 3D effects in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The easiest way to check fps in your game, you can use multiple commands, which can help you to see fps with more features. It is very important to check fps while playing CS: GO as it helps you to fight more comfortably and easily.

cl_showfps 1 – This is one of the most common fps in CS: GO, which helps to see the fps very easily and comfortably. It helps to see fps along with the map, which shows all the directions clearly and helps you to move in the right direction. At a time, there are 292 fps available on the offline map.

check fps in CS: GO

net_graph 1 – It helps you to see the most basic fps in CS: GO and also helps you to see the additional information that can help you to perform better. It helps you to face all the problems very easily with more features and abilities.

If you want to know the important tips and tricks to check the fps in CS: GO, then you must consider this article. It will help you out to check the various other important features also along with the fps.

Way 1: Show FPS via Steam

  • Log in Steam: It will help you to check the fps in CS: GO by clicking on the left top corner of the game, and you have to click Steam>Settings.
  • Select In-Game: By doing so, it will help you to check the fps by a selecting-in game from the left pane. Then you have to go to the right side and click on the Down Arrow Button, which is situated In-Game FPS counter. It helps you to expand the value of the dropdown. It’s upon you which position you select according to your comfort.
  • High Contrast Color: You have to see the high contrast color as it helps you to check the fps very clearly.
  • Now you are ready to launch the CS: GO and can check the fps very clearly on your screen.

Way 2: Use CS: GO Console Commands

  • Launch CS: GO: On the left side of the screen, you have to open the settings and then select the Game Settings> Game tab. Then scroll down and locate to the Enable Developer Console (~) and choose yes.
  • After doing so, exit the Settings Window and press this (~) key to show the command window in CS: GO.
  • Next, you have to write cl_showfps 1 and then click to the Submit Button.
  • In the next command line window, you have to write net_graph 1 and click submit
  • Then you will see a few indicators which help you to check fps in CS: GO.

Final Verdict

You can consider the steps mentioned above to check fps in CS: GO and also helps you to have a clear fps.

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