How to Check Ping in PUBG?

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Ping is basically a feature in the game, which helps to check the internet excess of the game. There are different modes in the game in which ping describes the speed of the internet. Different colors express the speed of the ping, such as green shows excellent internet excess, yellow shows slow excess, and red shows lousy excess. In this game, there is a numeric value available for the ping, which helps you to know about the speed of the internet better.

Check Ping in PUBG

If the numeric value of the ping is low, then it means your internet excess is very strong, and if the excess is high, then it means excess is low. It’s all about the speed of the data, which runs as per the internet excess of the game. You should always try to check the ping before starting the game so that you won’t face any problem while playing the game. People need to understand the various aspects so that they can deal with multiple issues.

Here are some methods which can help you to check the ping in PUBG, and you can easily apply them for checking it.

Method 1:

Ping the Server Directly

It is one of the most natural methods which can help you to check the ping. You can check the server directly to verify the ping so that if there any, you can correct it. You can use this method for League of Legends as Riot Games needs an IP address for checking the server of the game directly.

If you want to check the ping directly, then for that you need to get permission from the game ad for that there is another process. This option is the easiest one, but for this, you have to face the problem of IP address, which most probably you don’t have. You should try to do something so that you can able to ping the server directly because it can help you to get knowledge about the ping.

Method 2:

Check-In Game

Most of the games have an option for checking the ping directly by selecting the option for your game.  The settings of the game look different for every game, and they have this option in different areas of the game. The common name for this option is “Display Network Information” or “Display Performance Stats.”

It will help you to find the option easily in various games, and you can get an advantage from it. This will help you to know the exact value of the ping or the Latency, and you will do something for that. If you don’t have the knowledge, then you can easily find the option with the help of these two names, as every set has it with these names only.


If you want to check the ping or latency, then you can consider these points because they are the best methods to check the ping. You will able to check the ping with these methods and get to know about the problem of the server.

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