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Supporting a gamer in real sports games seems like one of the easiest things, and it can help to boost the confidence in the gamer. When it comes to PC or smartphone games, you can cheer using comments or chats, but they might distract the gamer. In some cases, the other person won’t even know that you have cheered. Due to this reason, Twitch added a few quirky features to boost the confidence of a gamer. Now, you can cheer on Twitch. As this is a new feature, so very few people know about it, and if you are also willing to cheer someone, then learning about the adequate method will provide essential help.

cheer on Twitch

By following the below-given tips, you can easily cheer someone on the Twitch platform, and it seems like one of the easiest tasks. Let’s have a look –

Steps to Follow 

The number of bits decides the type of cheer, and you can also choose the style of emoji for cheer. There are several amazing cheer styles offered by the developers of Twitch that you can try out. Below given are seven easy to follow steps that you need to look after when you are trying to cheer a gamer. These are as follow – 

  • Head toward the chatbox on Stream in the Stream of your favorite gamer.
  • Now, you can select the bits icon, which is given in the box. 
  • After that, you need to choose Twitch Cheermotes to begin. 
  • Adding the number of bits will conclude the type of cheer. 
  • Or, you can choose the menu and type cheer500. 
  • This will give a cheer of 500 bits in a single go.
  • You can also change the number of bits to see fit. 

After completing these steps, you can find that there will be a small emoji performing a cheer, and it looks impressive at the same time; that’s why it is a better option to take into consideration for sure. 

Why Cheer?

Twitch is an online streaming platform, and you can find gamers from around the world. They are playing to entertain you and they also need your support. If you subscribe to them and watch their streams, then you can support them effectively. But, when you cheer, you help streamers by these methods –

  • The boost in confidence. 
  • Help them know that you are watching. 
  • Puts a smile on streamers’ faces. 
  • You express your love and support toward the streamer. 
  • And a lot more.

It doesn’t matter how much you love Twitch; if you can’t show your love toward the favorite gamer by cheering, then you are just killing time on Twitch.

Bottom Line 

The verdict is, cheering helps professional gamers feel better, but when you are doing it for a new gamer, then you will be supported adequately. The gamers will learn about your support and how much you are waiting for the streams. It is one of the best ways to support your favorite twitch gamer, and you can do the same for other gamers also.  

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