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The user interface of twitch for live streaming has a plethora of options that a streamer can use to have a clip-on twitch to make their streaming more interesting. The website only provides the option to premium membership holders because streaming on twitch can only be done in that. Today I will be telling you how to clip on twitch? To make your streaming more interesting and enjoyable; it’s not hard to do so, implement the steps can ease your task.

clip on twitch

Login or create

Before we begin to know about how to get a clip-on twitch, it’s essential for any user to have an account on twitch in order to access the option for clips. To create an account on twitch, a user has to log on to; once they have log-on successfully, the portal will ask them for E-mail and password filling after the completion; they are good to go. Now coming to the clip part on twitch can be done in several steps.

  • Choose any stream option on
  • Click on the clip option located at the top of the stream in the right corner
  • Create the clip ( a user can also trim it using the trimmer)
  • Publish and get views

These are the four simple steps that can make you create an elegant clip on for your streaming.

Grow faster

The most beneficial part for any twitch streamer that implements the use of clips option for their live streaming is that it provides faster sharing of moments from the broadcast. This helps a user to achieve a vaster audience throughout; the globe, which is good for their monetization of a channel. Secondly, it brings more social interaction of a streamer that creates a huge fan base for them, making it more popular. The one big profitable thing that happens to create a unique clip for a channel is that bits pay.

In twitch, a user also generates revenue in bits, which can be considered as the form of money on the website. All the viewers that subscribe to channel get access to pay the bits to a streamer. In infinite quantity which also plays a major role in the overall monetization of a channel. Not only that, if they are dignified in the streaming and successfully makes a huge viewer base, they also get offering from gaming. That can help them making six-figure revenue.

Sell and make money

As we have discussed above on some factors that can help in making money from, now I will be sharing one more way of making money from twitch. That can be the finest and easiest among any other way of making money from the portal. Well, the easiest way of making money from twitch is the selling of games and game items. That is streamer play when they come live to join the community and can earn a good amount of money from it. On the other hand, they also get some additional benefits over the selling of games via twitch.

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