How to Craft a Fence in Minecraft?

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A fence is an item that is used to provide borders to some areas such as in farms where horses, pigs, and other animals are kept. In Minecraft, players have to tame animals and keep them under their control so that they can use them when they find their need. Some animals are strong and powerful, and if you get success in taming them, you can easily defeat your animals. Keeping those animals safe and under your control fence is used as it helps you make borders to that area where you have kept your animals.

Craft a Fence in Minecraft

When you prefer to grab some information about the fence, it will be beneficial for you to pay some attention to how to play Minecraft cross-platform PC and Xbox. It will be fun if you will play this game with your friends as it will help you to have new experiences and new features. You must know about this feature of Minecraft so that you can get some help in taming animals and having control over them. Try to focus on the following details as it will help you learn more about the fence and its making recipe.

Recipe to Make Fence

  • Open the Crafting Menu – For making a fence, you need to open the crafting menu first as there you will get a crafting grid, including 9 blocks. The fence is a wooden item, so you will require wooden planks to make it and some sticks for starting the process.
  • Add Items to the Grid – After getting the grid, you have to add some items in it for which you will require 2 sticks and 4 wood planks, and you can use any wood as per your choice for making the fence. It would be helpful if you will consider oak wood as it is hard and won’t get destroyed easily. Try to put all the items at their right places as it will help you get the best fence with all the features. You have to add 1 wooden plank in the first box, 1 stick in the second box, and 1 wooden plank in the third box in the first row. In the second row, you have to add 1 wooden plank in the first box, 1stick in the second box, and 1 wooden plank in the third box.
  • Move the Item to Inventory – Finally, after getting the recipe done, you have to move the fence to your inventory to use it when you find its need.

When you shift the item to the inventory, try to learn how to play Minecraft for free as it will help you have safe gameplay before purchasing the game. You can get a chance to learn about the game more accurately by having a free trial or a demo. Once you understand the fence’s recipe, it will help you have proper control over the animals and help you have borders to your farm areas.


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