How to Crouch Jump in PUBG?

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Crouch Jump is a kind of technique which use for two purposes one is to clean the windows in PUBG, and the other is being vaulted. It is mainly the running towards the window in the game and then jumps and crouch at the same time. This option is the best to escape the building as it helps to crouch when vaulting is not available, and you have to escape immediately. It is very helpful in making your enemy confused and also helps you to escape the building easily.

Crouch jumping does not seem like a useful option in this game as most of the players are considering the vault option. Players should keep proper knowledge about various aspects of the game, and these are one of those aspects. This jumping seems to be a difficult way to execute as it becomes harsh and unsmooth to run and jump. It is mainly executed by those players who play PUBG on their PCs as mobile users don’t have enough excess to play with crouch jumping.

Crouch Jump in PUBG

Here are some of the tips or steps which can help to know to crouch jump in PUBG. It will help you to have different knowledge about various aspects of this game.

Steps to Jump

  • First, you need to move towards the window, and then you have to move closer to it and stand there. It can make you feel your skills and inner strength of jumping. It is very important to jump safely; otherwise, it can harm your head and leads you to severe risk.
  • Then you have to jump so high, but make sure the character’s head will not touch the top of the frame or high enough that he can stand on the window. It can help you to move closer to your crouch jump and also helps you to have a sign of getting success in your mission.
  • Next, you have to simply crouch so that you can fit properly in the window and move forward to your escaping mission. Escaping is very important in this game as it helps you to run ahead to fight with your enemies in the game.

You have to perform the above steps faster so that you can escape from the building fast and leads to killing your enemies. You can use the “Move Forward” key to run fast and can achieve your goal with various benefits and success. Always remember that crouch jumping needs considerable practice to be executed softly and smoothly. You need to be in proper form while performing this task in the game so that you can be focused.

Wrap It Up

You can simply consider the steps mentioned above at the time of performing crouch jumping in PUBG. It will help you to jump appropriately with a fast and smooth platform to get escaped faster form the building. PC users get a lot of help with this feature of the game to make their moves fast and accurate.

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