How to Dance in Fortnite?

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Fortnite has various features that allow the players to get advantages of it by playing it on different devices.  The devices in which this game can be played are PC, Xbox One, and PS4. The players who love to play this game they can have different types of enjoyment in the game by making their character dance. You can have fun by dancing without paying any money as it is a freebie emotes. Most of emotes are purchased with the help of V-Bucks in the game.

Dance in Fortnite

The coins which are available in the game in the form of V-Bucks can be purchased using real cash, which is used in the real world. You can purchase the entire range of emotes by including Electro Shuffle, Flapper, Dab, Rocket Rodeo, and Make It Rain. Emotes can also be obtained by using the Fortnite battle Card, But you have to buy it with V-Bucks first. Fortnite lovers need to learn about how to dance in this game as it can help them to have some enjoyment in their free time.

Here are some of the points which can help you to learn the dancing process in different devices.

Fortnite PS4 dance and emotes

  • First, you need to press the down arrow on the D-Pad to start the dancing in the game.
  • Dances are random, so you have to manage the various moves which are being performed by your character in the game.
  • If you have various emotes in your locker, then you can consider them and have fun with different steps and moves.

Fortnite Xbox dance and emotes

  • Here you first, you need to do the same in the PS4, press the down arrow button, and start the process of dancing.
  • The dance lyrics and music are random in the game, so you never know which type of music you will get, and you have to dance on it.
  • Just like PS4, if you have more emotes in your locker, then you can use them to get different moves and music to dance on.

Fortnite PC and Mac dance and emotes

  • For Mac or PC, you have to click on the B key, which is available on your keyboard.
  • If you have a different key for activating your boogie in the game, then visit your settings and change the key and locate emote to the suitable button.
  • You can also type dance in the chat, which also works in the same way for making you dance in the game.

These are some steps that can help you to know about how you can dance in different devices with different moves ad music.

Wrap It Up

The points mentioned above are some of the tips which you can consider at any time when you find a need to learn how to dance in Fortnite. It can also help you to learn various moves and steps for dancing in the game.

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