How to delete League of Legends Account?

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Most of the people prefer to delete their account from this game due to some technical issues. The quality of this game is not so good as compared to others, but it’s the best game to get played. There is a vast number of reasons for deleting this game’s account. If you are thinking of quitting this game, then the first step you need to take is that you will delete the account. People might be struggles in this game so much, but still, there are some reasons due to which they want to delete it.

Different people have different tastes and preferences, and according to which they prefer to handle or consider something. People spend a lot of hours playing this game, and it helps them a lot in utilizing their time in a better way. Most of the people think that they spend so much time with this game then why they should delete it. But there are various issues which disturb the users in between the game.

delete League of Legends Account

If you want to learn various steps that can help you to delete the League of Legends accounts, then consider this article. It will help you out to learn those crucial steps.

Step 1 – First, you need to go to the top of the screen of your game, and there you have to select the option and click at “Submit the Request.” It will help you to have a starting for deleting the account.

Step 2 – Then you need to scroll down a little bit to select the various options in the request type that is data requests, account management, and deletion. It will help you to reach the next step of your deletion process.

Step 3 – Then you have to select the option where “ I need help” is written. After selecting it will help you out to know your opinion and what you want. Then you have to choose that I would like to delete my account.

Step 4 – The main and the most important step is that you should make sure that in the subject field, you will surely write the “Account Deletion.” This word plays a significant role while the deleting process is going on, as everything is based on this word.

Step 5 – At last, in the final box, you have to write the following mentioned things and answer the questions which are asked.

  • Account Name
  • Summoner Name
  • The link of the server where you play
  • An original email address which you use to play
  • The location where you registered this account
  • Have you purchased RP or Blue Essence on this account? If yes, then mention all the payment methods which you used to purchase RP.

Wrap It Up

All the steps mentioned above are the best to guide you to how to delete the League of Legends account. The deletion process of this game takes up to 30 days to get removed properly. These steps are very helpful in deleting an account.

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