How to delete Twitch account?

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Are you facing some issues while deleting your Twitch account or do not know how to do that? Well, deleting the Twitch account is not rocket science. Considering the three steps that I will be sharing with you, people make your concern relevant. Before we begin, let me tell all these steps that I am going to tell you can be done with a computer or smartphones easily.

delete twitch account

Deleting the account

To delete a Twitch account, the very first thing that any user wanted to delete an account; must log in to their profile in order to perform the task. Once you have logged in, implementing these three steps with the proper acquisition will provide you with the desired results within seconds. Therefore, let us see what are the steps that should be performed to delete a Twitch account.

  • Once logged in, click on the drop-down menu in the top right corner and select the settings option.
  • Scroll down to the setting page, and you will see an option disable the Twitch account.
  • Once you see that option, click on the option, and it will directly delete your Twitch account.

These are the three steps to delete any Twitch account within seconds relevantly and quickly.

Reactivate anytime

The best part for considering Twitch online streaming is the reactivation of a disabled account anytime; Twitch does not allow the user to completely delete their account. They can only disable them as long as they want; the reason for such consideration is that. Some users like to reactivate their account on the portal after the disabling of it. The website not only gives the reactivation of the channel, but the viewership and the benefits that they are getting via the channels are also reverted.

Once they successfully reactivate the account. Twitch was introduced in 2011, and it has been made popular worldwide because of the streaming facility it has. The website has one of the biggest video gamers’ communities around the globe, and the monetization feature of the portal is awesome. It mainly offers three types of revenue-generating options through which a streamer can even make the six-figures revenue. Coming to the three awesome ways of making money from Twitch includes.

  • Selling of games and games items
  • Getting an advertisement on the channel
  • Increasing viewership for higher bits

Twitch application

Twitch has introduced their mobile application for mobiles, which offers a similar experience of live streaming watching that a viewer experiences while seeing on the website. It also allows them to purchase the bits in advance to donate it to their favourite streamer. However, by getting the subscription of Twitch, a user gets a plethora of benefits. The first benefit they get is that they don’t have to pay for multiple channel subscriptions. The second benefit includes access to bonus games and some newly launched games without paying any additional charges. Not only that, but they can also link their other online streaming account with the website.

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