How to Dribble in FIFA 20?

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Dribbling means carrying the ball and passing it to your opponent for making the match going on. Without dribbling a football match cannot take place and makes the ball stand at one particular place. The better you dribble, the better you can learn how to handle the ball. The main purpose of FIFA 20 is to make the players fit and healthy by making their bodies healthy and strong. Dribbling plays a significant role in FIFA 20 as it allows the players to run around and kick the ball.

Most people prefer to play FIFA 20 because it provides many unique features and elements to the players. You can easily dribble the ball in this game by clicking on the Active Touch System. For dribbling, you need to know all the necessary aspects like when to dribble fast and when to slow. The dribbling of the ball depends upon the position of the ball as well as of the players. Once you learn to dribble in FIFA 20, you can easily win the match and make your team proud.

Dribble in FIFA 20

Basic Moves

When you opt for basic dribbling, you need to know about basic moves to dribble well. Here are some steps which will help you to get access to the basic dribbling moves. Try to pay attention to the following points –

  • Skill Moves – R Stick
  • Fast Dribbling – Holding R2/RT
  • Carrying the Ball – L Stick
  • Protecting the Ball – Holding L2/LT
  • Slow Dribbling – Holding R2+L2/RT+LT

When you only want to carry the ball and pass it to your opponent for that only need to use L Stick. But you can also opt for using the R Stick as it will help you make the skill moves. If you get used to skill moves, then it will help you to have some improvement in your dribbling skills.

The first thing you need to do for dribbling is to protect the ball from your opponent so that they won’t snatch it. For protecting the ball, you need to us the L2/LT button, and for sprinting, you have to use the R2/RT button while moving. It will also help you to pass the ball to your opponent and makes you kick the ball at speed as per your suitability.

Sometimes there are some cases when you need to slow down the dribbling, and for that, you can use the L1/LB button. It will help you make some more space and shoot it for better dribbling and slow shoot.

Advanced Moves

For keeps on dribbling, you need to know about some advanced moves. For knowing the moves pay attention to the following points –

  • Strafe Dribbling – L1+L/LB+L
  • Face Up Dribbling – L2/LT + R2/RT
  • Drag Back – R1/RB + L Flick
  • Fake Shot – then X + Direction / B then A + Direction
  • Fake Pass – then X + Direction / X then A +Direction


With the help of all the points mentioned above, you can understand how to dribble in FIFA 20. You can also get to know about various other aspects such as basic and advanced moves, which are essential for dribbling. It would be best if you keep your eyes and ears open as it will help you to have a better understanding.

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