How to Dye Armor in Minecraft?

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Armor is one of the major items present in Minecraft, which helps the players have different items that can be helpful in the future. It includes so many other items, and before opting for it for dyeing, players need to select the item they want to dye. Players can use a cauldron for dyeing an armor as it is an item that works like a furnace but has more capacity to handle fire. It allows the players to get the item heated in less time with more flames.

Players can easily make a dye to color the armor so that they can make their surroundings colorful. It will allow the players to have those environments, which makes them have real and unique experiences. All the players should understand the importance of a cauldron and how to use it so that they won’t face any hard time. You can add water into the cauldron and use that colored item in which color you want to dye the armor.

Dye Armor in Minecraft

You should pay proper attention to the following information so that you can have some clarification about how to make a dye and use it for dyeing armor.

Steps to Dye an Armor

  • Place the Cauldron – The first step for dyeing an Armor is to place the cauldron at its right position in the middle of the room. You can select it in your Hotbar and place it to the ground for better use.
  • Add Water to the Cauldron – After placing the cauldron, you have to add some water in it by using a bucket, and you can select the water bucket in your Hotbar and use it for putting water in the cauldron. Fill the cauldron with water to the top so that the armor will get adequately dipped into the dye.
  • Add Dye to the Cauldron – Then you have to add dye into the cauldron so that you can dye the armor and suppose you want armor to get dyed in red color; then, you will add the red dye. It will help you convert the entire armor into red color and have a color armor in front of you.
  • Put the Armor in Cauldron – Finally, you have to put the armor into the cauldron to get dyed and allow you to have a colorful armor will all its properties and features. It will help you to have a colorful armor and allows you to make more items like that once you learn how to dye an armor. You can use this process in all of the game versions, and they are windows 10, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.


The steps will help you to know how you can dye an armor in Minecraft and also helps you to know about different versions in which you can use them. Once you learn the process, you can easily use this process to dye any of the items that come under an armor. Ensure that you select the item before getting connected to the dyeing process so that you won’t get confused.

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