How to Earn Overwatch League Tokens?

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Players love to earn many new items and cosmetics from the game to make their heroes look more attractive and different. In the Overwatch League, tokens are the only way that helps players to get new items, so players run to earn them. League tokens help players to grab those items in the game and make the players deal with so many skins and cosmetics. Players should follow the tokens so that they can see different faces of the game and have a different experience.

Some ways can help the players get league tokens, but players need to be focused. It is crucial for the players to understand the various necessities of the game so that they can utilize them. You can prefer to play daily and earn various gift boxes for earning these tokens and make your character look somewhat different as compared to earlier.

Earn Overwatch League Tokens

You can consider the below information for understanding how to earn league tokens in Overwatch. Here you will also be able to grab knowledge related to the other various aspects of the game.

Related Info

  • For earning league token, there is no nay hard task or something like that; you only need to log in to the game daily. The more Overwatch league you prefer to watch, the more league tokens you will receive. For every single hour of watching the League matches, you receive three tokens on the twitch platform.
  • You can prefer to opt for the official twitch website for watching the various leagues. There are various devices on which you can watch the league matches, such as the Twitch games console app, Twitch mobile app, or you can go for a TV app. These means can help you to have a safe and secure watch of league matches of Overwatch.
  • If you want to earn so many league tokens, then the best option is to watch each and every game of the Overwatch League matches. They might look like a slog, but you can opt for this method as it is the only way to earn huge tokens. Till the time you log in to the website and stream the matches, then you can able to get huge tokens. 
  • If you aren’t able to watch every hour’s leagues, you can opt for the game map, which will help you get 100 tokens as an award. It would help if you were as lucky as you can for watching the matches as it decides your earning strategy of League tokens. It helps you to guaranteed 100 tokens after watching the stream league of Overwatch.


If you consider the above information, you will be able to move further to your earning strategy of Overwatch league tokens. It will also help you to get various items in the game for your character or heroes. You should be very careful while considering the points so that you can able to cover each and every point for your betterment.

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