How to End Warm-up CSGO?

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Every FPS game which is based on MOBA and strategy based maps have a common in-built feature called server warm up. It is most frustrating, and it can easily consume 15 seconds, more than a minute or longer. Everyone gets the worst feeling at this time, and it totally depends upon the server setting.

end warm up in csgo

You can find a similar issue in CSGO, and it is the most tiring thing because it can consume lots of time. To rip of this issue, there are several commands that can help you eradicate longer loading time, and it can save time for sure. You are able to skip the server connection warm-up, and you can do it with the use of console commands. By removing the server warm-up or skipping it, you can focus on the game and feel way more relaxed. Let’s have a look at the popular commands to end server warm-up –

  1. Use mp_warmup_end – In case you want to shorten the time and want to run the server warm-up for a very short time period, then this command is highly effective. It won’t be skipping the warmup or taking you to the game, but the server test is small. It is a reliable choice because warm-up is necessary, and if you are not sure about the ping speed, then this command will come in handy here.
  2. Use mp_warmuptime SECONDS – If the first command is still taking longer than expected, then it would be a better choice to limit it to 10 seconds. This command is effective here, and it can reduce the time. Shortening the time it takes will be an effective and safer choice in all kinds, that’s why most of the gamer find it effective over the first choice. It is still running the warmup, but it is not getting enough time for the same.
  3. Use mp_warmuptime 10  – To alter the warmup duration in counter strike global offensive, then this command is reliable. When there are certain numbers of gamers are already connected to the server, and the warmup is enough, then you can consider going with this command. This command is using the trick, and it will end the warm-up session when there are plenty of players connected to the server already.
  4. Use mp_endwarmup_player_count PLAYERS – When there are already five people connected to the server, then this command will automatically end the server warm-up. This command is easy, and it directly focuses on the people connected to the server. It tests the server until the mentioned number of gamers are not connected. This can make you get rid of warm-up.


You can activate the console mode and then enter the above-mentioned commands; then everything is done. It is one of the most effective options that you can take into consideration. It can help to eradicate the common time consumption in server warm-up. We hope that this guidepost will come in handy to end the warm-up in-game.

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