How to Feed a Horse in Minecraft?


Multiple animals are present in Minecraft, which helps the players deal with some of their quests and helps them defeat their enemies. One of the best and the most influential animals in the game is the horse, which helps the players have new experiences. It allows the players to have riding experience and have some unique experiences, making them feel so happy. Before opting for a horse, you are required to make friends with them. Without becoming friends, you can’t feed them and can’t tame them, and you can’t do anything with them.

Feed a Horse in Minecraft

If players try to feed horses without having any friendship or anything else, then the horse will kick you off and make you feel. It can lead you to suffer huge injuries and also makes you feel lousy and uncomfortable. Always remember before feeding any horse, you have to win their hearts first and then opt for feeding them. Everything needs planning, and without planning, nothing can be done, and if you try to do it, it will harm you only. You can consider the below information if you want to know more about the horse feeding process.

Further Details

Feeding a horse can help you have a safe growth of horses and increase the growth of a baby horse. Here are different items that you can feed a horse with and makes the baby horse more energetic. Try to pay attention to the following points to make more understanding of the food items so that you feed horses easily and safely.

  • Sugar – It helps you to get 1 health point within 30 seconds
  • Apple – It helps you to get 2 health point within 20 seconds
  • Golden Apple – It helps you to get 3 health point within 1 Minute
  • Golden Carrot – It helps you to get 4 health point within 1 Minute
  • Wheat – It helps you to get 10 health point within 4 Minutes
  • Enchanted Golden Apple – It helps you to get 10 health point within 4 Minutes
  • Hay Bale – It helps you to get 20 health point within 3 Minutes

For feeding a horse, you need to find them first and then opt for feeding them, and if you will not find it, then how you will feed them. If you do not find a horse, you have to opt to summon it using a cheat or a spawn egg.

Then you have to use the food to make horses feed, but first, you have to make friendship with them and then try to feed them so that they won’t hurt you. If the horse gets happy after eating food, then you will see red hearts floating over its head and will help you to know that you have to feed the horse happily.

Final Verdict

After considering the above information, you can learn how you can feed a horse in Minecraft. It will also help you to know how you can make a small baby horse an adult. You gave to pay proper attention to all the above points if you want a better feeding process result.

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