How to Feed Your Pet in WoW Classic?

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WoW Classic is such a game that relates to real-life in some aspects. It helps the players to have pet experiences and makes them feel like they seriously have a pet. The main motive of all the pet owners is to provide a proper diet to their pet and makes them feel relaxed. The players who are new to WoW Classic don’t know about the game because they face pet feeding problems. The pets in the game help the players to have some fun and entertainment, which makes the players get attracted to the game.

 Feed Your Pet in WoW Classic

Usually, the pet lovers will get attracted to the game as it allows them to know the pet. Sometimes, the people who love pets don’t get a chance to have one, so they can get an opportunity to feel like a pet owner with the help of WoW Classic. It will help the players have two aspects in one game, i.e., playing and experience as a pet owner. Players should opt for grabbing all the detailed knowledge about the game so that they won’t get bored and still play the game like a new excited player.

Pet Tutorial 

  • For feeding your pet, you need to click left on the Feed Pet Icon; it can be in your Spellbook if you put it there or in your action bar. After that, you have to click left on the Food Item, which you want your pet to eat. It will help you to feed your pet and help you to make your pet happy and loyal toward you. Feeding is the best way to win your pet’s loyalty so that they will listen to you and understand your wordings.
  • Usually, in WOW, hunters opt for pets to use them as their weapon to defeat their enemies. Feeding pet is the single way which can help hunters to become friends with pets. It can help the hunters to get the pets under their control and makes them move as they stay. If hunters will not take care of their pets and keep them empty stomach, then pets will run after eating the hunters only. In the game, there is a happiness icon which helps you see whether the pet loved the food. It can help you to know the favorite food of your pet and keeps on feeding them with that on a daily basis.
  • You can get a chance to have a pet at level 10 when you complete your hunter training quest and shows that you are eligible to have a pet know. Before you get the Feed pet ability, you will get a Tame Beast ability. You should try to complete the questline before grabbing for the Tame Beats ability. This ability will help you handle the pet and allow you to have skills to fight against them if any misfortune occurs.

Final Verdict 

All the above points will help you to know how you can feed your pet and makes them have food. It will help you know about many other aspects of the game related to the pets. You need to be careful about your pet’s elements so that you can have safe feeding to them and make them under your control.

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