How to Find Dungeons in Minecraft?

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Dungeons are the places where you can find huge monsters as they spawn there and increase their number. It also includes chests where you can find various valuable items that can help you build a good image in Minecraft. Most of the dungeons are connected with the cave, which appears in Overworld and creates difficulties for players to visit. Finding a dungeon is crucial in Minecraft; likewise, downloading FIFA 20 on PC is also crucial, so try to pay some attention there. It will help you have different FIFA 20 on a big screen as the PC screen is much bigger than other devices.

Find Dungeons in Minecraft

Sometimes dungeon which has ways from caves required players to use torches to have a clear view and deal with the darkness. It is crucial to remain safe from the monsters present in dungeons so that you won’t get harmed or killed. Try to pass by the monsters so that you can find the dungeons properly and the chests present there. You can stay connected with the below information as it will help you to know about how to find a dungeon.

Ways to Find Dungeon

If the dungeon is present in the caves, then there are ways to help you find them easily. You can follow various sounds that can help you to reach the dungeon inside the caves. The sounds that you can opt for following are as follows –

  • Monsters’ Noises
  • Flowing Water
  • Lava Noises
  • Monster Footsteps
  • Fire

The sounds do not repeat time to time, so you need to be focused while considering any sound to follow it and reach the dungeon. If you want to listen to the sound again, you should make it in one of your ears louder than others. It will help you to get the general direction and also help you to have a safe founding.

The sounds that come from the below areas are always slow and lead players to face problems when they unable to listen to it. Try to dig-in two blocks down so that you can move close to the sounds and increase the volume of your hearing. Once you successfully listen to the sound properly, it will help you find the dungeon without any other trouble.

If the sound stops and does not repeat, you can hear it generated from no far than 16 blocks. Try to stay attentive and close to the blocks so that you can have a clear sound hearing. When you learned properly how to find a dungeon, try to pay attention to how to defend in FIFA 20 to remain safe from your opponents and other difficulties.


Always remember that when you opt for finding a dungeon, then try to keep your ears open and have a safe finding without getting in contact with monsters. For FIFA 20 details, you can consider the links as it will help you to grab the related information and have sage gameplay. Try to be active while going on any dangerous mission so that you can have wonderful gameplay with the best experiences.

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