How to Find Treasure in Minecraft?

A treasure is a hidden item full of valuable items and helps the players become rich in no time. It helps the players to get all those useful items that they need in the game and makes them get some relaxation. Before getting relaxed, players need to find out the treasure ad for which they have to be knowledgeable and more focused.

When you go on a mission, you must take care of your diet, and for that, you have to learn how to eat in Minecraft. It will help you have a healthy survival and allow you to have as much as a struggle as per your capacity. You have to follow the map for finding the treasure, and for that, you have to find the buried treasure maps.

Find Treasure in Minecraft

You should always be careful and attentive while going on a mission as it will be scary, hard, and can make you suffer a lot. But when you opt for any mission, then you don’t have to lose hope and stay confident with all your inner strength. To find the treasure, you can consider the following steps to find the map and the treasure easily.

Steps to Find Treasure

  • Find a Shipwreck – For finding the treasure, you have to find the shipwreck, which looks like a ruined ship under deep water in the river, ocean, or beach biomes. Shipwrecks usually spawn underwater and stay there, but you can find them on the land in rare cases.
  • Look for the Map Chest – After finding the shipwreck, you have to opt for finding the map so that you can move close to your treasure. Remember that each shipwreck has three chests: the treasure chest, map chest, and the supply chest. To find the buried treasure, you will require a map chest and open it, and there you will get the buried treasure map. You have to move the map to your inventory for later use.
  • Use the Buried Treasure Map – Then you have to use the buried treasure map for finding the hidden treasure in the game, and when you open the map, then you will see a red X over there. You have to follow the path which goes to that X.
  • Find the Buried Treasure Location – You have to find the location of the buried treasure and then follow it till the time you find it.
  • Dig until you find the Buried Chest – Then you have to dig the location until you get the chest out of the ground.
  • Open the Buried Chest – Finally, after getting the chest, you have to open it and check it that what necessary items it contains in it.


For finding the buried treasure, if you have tale help of a horse, then make sure that you will take proper care of it. Finally, when you reach your buried treasure location, then don’t forget to feed the horse, and if you don’t know, then learn how to feed a horse in Minecraft. It will help you have a healthy horse and help you move back to your actual place from where you have started your journey.

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