How to Fish in WOW Classic?

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Fishing is a kind of quest in WOW Classic, which helps the players to have new and unique experiences. It is a secondary profession of the players in the game of WOW of catching fishes. Players can also opt for catching those fishes which are not of their use but can be used in any other profession. Along with fishing, players can also catch funny items and various types of equipment. Everything is based on the player’s capability than what they catch and how they perform their task.

Fish in WOW Classic

If players opt for fishing in WOW Classic, they can easily spend their time playing the game. Fishing requires a lot of patience and time to catch the fishes. It allows includes multiple tasks, which can help to build the starting level to the maximum level. Players can see that fishing is the only treadmill that can not be performed while exploring and killing monsters. When a player moves out for any mission, they need to fight against so many monsters, which makes them face severe difficulties.

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  • For using fish in WoW Classic first, you need to find a water body. Usually, low-level areas are considered as good areas for fishing. It is recommended to start fishing in low-level areas so that you can get fishes to eat or some for other purposes. For fishing, you need to hold a fishing pole in your main weapon hand. It will help you to catch the fishes easily with better quality. You can find the fishing list in your Spellbook and press the default key, i.e., “P.” You can drag the slot to your listed bar and can easily use this new feature of the game.
  • When you start fishing, you will see a fishing bobber and a timer in front of you. You need to move your cursor over the bobber, and it will convert into a standard interaction cursor. You have to wait for the bobber to splash and then click on it as soon as possible. It depends upon your fishing skills; whether you will grab any fish or not all depends upon your skills of fishing. Fishing needs patience and proper concentration, and if you don’t pay both the aspects, then you can’t get even single fish.
  • At the time of fishing, if you continuously see the message of “Your Fish has Gone Away,” then there is no use of fishing in that location. You need to take care of your location where you are planning to fish. Fishes are mainly present according to the area, and if the area doesn’t suit fishes, they won’t go there and move to another area. Before going on fishing, you need to check whether fishes are available in that particular area or not. Then you should opt for fishing around that area.


The above information is all about how to fish in WOW Classic, and you can easily know how you can go fishing. You should always keep your essential body parts active so that you can grab the fish as soon as possible. It will help you to catch as many fishes as you have not even thought of.

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