How to Get a Command Block in Minecraft?

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A command block is a very beneficial element in Minecraft, which has world bending abilities. For using the command block, you first need to obtain the command block and activate it to be used in the game. Most of the players don’t know much about the game and due to which they face problems in getting various items. You should learn about the basic elements of the game and then move forward to other elements.

There are proper steps defined for getting the command blocks in Minecraft, but you need to know all the aspects properly. Players should understand the importance of getting proper knowledge about the game so that they can take proper advantage of it. A proper piece of knowledge can help you deal with multiple situations properly, so try to be attentive and active. You should learn about command blocks as these are the most important part of the game.

Command Block in Minecraft

If you think that you don’t know much about the command blocks, you cannot worry, you can pay attention to the below-mentioned steps. It will help you clear all your doubts and many other significant aspects of finding any problem.

Steps to getting Command Blocks

Command Blocks have world bending abilities due to which they can’t be found in Survival Mode. These blocks are also don’t appear on the Block menu of the Creative mode. For getting these blocks, you need to follow the following steps so that you can easily get them without facing any problem.

  • First, you need to create a world in which you can use cheats, and if you start your world in creative mode, then cheats get enabled by default. You can select the word page and tell whether you get the cheats or not and type Cheats in the third row of the page.
  • Then clear out some space in the Inventory as it will allow you to keep command blocks there, and you can get them when you need them. Try to clear nine bottom slots of your inventory.
  • After that, you have to open the chat menu of the game, which you can open by pressing the T key by default.
  • Next, you have to type/give <your username> command_block, and this you have to type when you open the chat menu with the Open Command key rather than T key.
  • Finally, you have to press enter, and the command blocks will appear in your inventory. If your inventory’s bottom slot is already full, you need to open the full inventory by pressing E by default. It will help you to find the command block in your inventory.


If you consider all the above steps properly, it will help you get the Minecraft command blocks. It will also help you get much more information about the game and the command blocks you might not know before. You should pay proper attention while considering the above steps as it will make you understand well.

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