How to Get a Minecraft Server?

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Minecraft is blocks based game in which players need to build various items and buildings with the help of blocks. For playing an online game for the best experiences, you need to get the best server as the server helps you to have wonderful gameplay without facing any problem. You should always be curious to know about the game you are playing and other games.

It would be beneficial if you will prefer to know how to do a low driven shot in FIFA 20. Once you learned this concept, then it will help you to win various matches in the game. The players who are engaged in Minecraft must know about its server so that they can have smooth gameplay. The gameplay of the game plays a major role, helping to decide whether the game is good or bad.

Get a Minecraft Server

Once you get success in getting a Minecraft server in your respected devices, then you can experience the best game with the best server. Make sure when you opt for a server, then you must have a good internet connection so that you won’t face any difficulty in dealing with it. Try to stay connected if you want to grab more information about the server and how you can get it.

Minecraft Server Tutorial (Windows PC)

  1. Get the Latest Version of Java – Firstly, you have to get the latest Java version in your device for which you have to open the Windows control panel. You have to click on the options present under the Programs and look for Java and click on the Update Now button. Then open the command prompt and then enter java-version.
  2. Select a Location for Your Minecraft Server File – After getting the latest java version, you have to select a location where you want your server file to be downloaded. It will help you to have a proper understanding of the location where your file will download, and you can easily find it.
  3. Download and Start the Minecraft Server Software – Once you select the location, you have to download the server software, which will appear as Java .jar file. Then you have to save it to that location which you have selected in the last step.
  4. Start Port Forwarding on Your Router – Make sure that you are all aware of it while opting for port forwarding as it is a security risk element.
  5. Start the Minecraft Server – Finally, after port forwarding, you have to start the server for which you have to open the command prompt. You have to follow java –Xmx1024M –Xms1024M –jar {server file name} nogui. Finally, after following this command, you can easily start your Minecraft server.


You can get massive help from the above points about getting a Minecraft server and smooth gameplay with the best server. Make sure that you will consider how to get loyalty FIFA 20 to get some knowledge about other games and have wonderful gameplay. Try to grab all the information which you get for different mediums, so be attentive and careful.

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