How To Get Better At Counter-Strike: Global Offensive?

Lots of gamers are playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on a daily basis and trying hard to boost their rank. It might seem like an easy choice to play an individual mode and keep on getting better with time. If you are trying hard but not able to progress at an effective rate, then you can follow a couple of below-mentioned tips which can help with an intense progression. Let’s have a look at some vital tips –

get better at cs:go
  1. Master Shooting

CSGO is totally based on FPS mechanics and the better you get at shooting, the better you will be at winning. It will increase the win rate, and you can use the same to master the basic elements of this game. Once you reach the intermediate level, you need great accuracy; you need to add better gears and use plenty of equipment to master the basics.

You need to collect resources such as scope, points and more. When you are collecting weapon and ammo, you should be equipping the right gear with the right gun. It will enhance the overall progression that’s why you can consider this as a reliable tip to focus on.

  1. Try all the modes

Each mode has the feature of providing experience point and ELO. When you are playing and progressing through the level, you need to play all the levels to enhance the overall ranking. If you can’t score higher points, then chances of facing issues with progression increases. The better choice is to play –

• Arms Race to get experience point of what you Score.
• Competitive Rounds can help you get 30x points of winning.
• Demolition will increase the experience point by your Score x 2.5.
• Deathmatch with intense gameplay; you earn XP of Score x 0.2.
• Casual modes can help you get XP of Score and then multiply it with 4.

These are some easy ways to increase the overall ranking and get a better score in several manners; that’s why most of the gamers are relying on it.

  1. Map Control

Don’t worry about giving your position and trying out new places. It is always an important factor, and you should take care of it seriously. By preferring map control, you can get better, and it helps you experience something new in this game. Make sure that you try out all the modes, and it will be an easy way to progress at a faster rate.

Once you try new maps, they will give you a higher experience point; it also helps you learn several things related to the progression. Make sure that you play at a slow pace to learn more about the map and then having better details about where to find ammo and another weapon for safe playing style.

These are some important tips that can help you with progression in CSGO. Make sure that you stay selective and play all the modes quite effectively to increase the overall chances of winning.

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