How to get better FPS in PUBG?

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The Player’s unknown battleground is a famous game. In this game, there are several players who are released simultaneously. They have to find weapons like guns and then attack the opposite team and win by the chicken dinner. PUBG is a game where you need optimization options to enhance the gameplay. If you think that PUBG is not coping up with your mobile, then you need some FPS tips. These tips are time-consuming, but the final product is amazing. FPS, which is also known as, frames per second it is an essential technical consideration.

get better FPS in PUBG

The FPS range is basically 30- 60fps if it is a video game. If compared to the films, FPS is 24 FPS, so it’s different from a video game. If a player has 100 + FPS, then, of course, it is the professional level of the player as well as the gameplay. There are several tips and tricks to increase your FPS and become the most powerful player in PUBG. As you all know, everyone has different types of devices so that FPS can work differently in each device. If FPS works well for you, then you can master the PUBG game.

Steps to increase FPS

  • Firstly, you have to adjust your power settings to high performance. You will see this adjust button under the computer’s regular settings.
  • If you have a graphic card, then you can go to the settings and optimize your graphic card.
  • You also need to change your steam launch options, which will help you to increase your FPS.
  • You have to open your steam library, then you have to navigate down the game and right-click on it.
  • You will get the steam launch option in the properties window.
  • You will see a blank space where you have to copy and paste the following that is-malloc = system + mat_antialias 0 window-use all available course-sm4.
  • Once you have pasted the above, then you need to go to the game settings.
  • Then you have to go to the file explorer and search for %app data%. When you and done, then you have to navigate to local/TsIgame/saved/config/windosnoeditor.
  • Then you need to edit several files that contain .ini files. The visually adjust man should not be overlooked as it pertains to visual effects, which may lead to a significant effect on FPS.
  • You need to find the gear icon which is present on the top right of the screen in the main menu. Go to the graphics menu to change your settings. From the graphics menu, you can change your resolution, brightness, and other visual qualities.
  • Now you need to turn down the anti-aliasing, screen scale, post-processing, shadows, view distance texture, effects foliage, motion blood, and v- sync.


If you think that PUBG is not coping up with your mobile, then you need some FPS tips. These tips are time-consuming, but the final product is amazing.

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