How to get Blue Essence in the league of legends?

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Blue Essence is basically represented with a blue color logo, and it is considered as one of the most valuable currencies in League of Legends. It is used to unlock various features of the game and especially the new champions. In this game, multiple factors and features are available, which helps you to have a blue essence. Blue Essence is such an important part of this game that without it, players can’t buy anything. If you play this game for all your life, you still won’t be able to unlock all the champions if you do not have any blue essence.

Most of the players don’t know how to get a blue essence. This is the reason why they lack various benefits of the game. Blue essence is basically contained in the champion capsules and provided when you level up. It is very important for the players to know each and every aspect of the game so that they can experience various benefits.

get Blue Essence in the league of legends

If you want to know about various aspects and features of the game, then you can consider this article. It will help you to have knowledge about different things and factors of the game.

Ways to get Blue Essence

  • When you reach level 5 of the Summoner, then you will start receiving the capsules at every time when you level up. These capsules contain various champion shards, which helps you to earn blue essence. When you get this currency, then you will be able to get access to unlock multiple items in the game. It’s upon you that as the time you reach the higher level, you will be able to get more blue essence.
  • You should show your full interest in the game as a teammate; then, on its basis, you will able to get the honor, which helps you to have honor ranking. Then you need to level up your Honor ranking you will able to get honor capsules which have chances to contain champion shards. These shards are very helpful in providing you various blue essence and more benefits. Blue essence is such a currency which is very helpful to buy multiple items in the game.
  • You should try to complete each and every mission of the game as it was the first mission of the day with the same energy. There are so many missions available in the game which can help you to get blue essence and many other rewards. It is very important for you to have this currency in this game because without this currency, your game will be of no use. If you want to earn these blue essences, then try to win various missions and also get some capsules and shards.

Wrap It Up

The points mentioned above are those who can help you to know about how to get blue essence in League of Legends. It plays a significant role in this game and also helps you to unlock various items in the game.

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