How to get clothes in pubg Xbox?

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Player unknown battleground pubg allows you to customize a wide variety of clothing that can be collected in different ways. If you think that changing clothes and customizing your player affect your game, then you are wrong, it is purely cosmetic. If you customize backpacks, then it will affect your game as the backpacks can increase the capacity with each customization. The players who want their characters to look stylish, then there are different ways to get clothes on pubg. You can purchase clothes with your battleground points in pubg, and also you can purchase through the Steam marketplace, or sometimes it can be randomly found in pioneer crates.

get clothes in pubg Xbox

You will get random items in pioneer crates but, if you want some rare items, then you can purchase it from expensive crates. So, if you have more expensive crates, then you will get more unique items for customization. Some items like a trench coat can only be obtained as a pre-order incentive. It cannot be unlocked in the above way. These are some tips and tricks to get clothes on the player’s unknown battleground.

List of cosmetic items

  • Wanderer crate: A wanderer crate is a standard crate purchased using BP, and it was first seen in the PC version of the player’s unknown battleground. So the wanderer creates consist of the following ballistic mask, bloody combat pants, blue hi-top trainers, boots, Cargo pants, Cargo pants blue. It also includes Cargo pants khaki, pleated mini skirt blue, dirty tank top, hot pants blue, and protected sunglasses, long sleeve t-shirt striped, school shirt open. Long sleeve t-shirt, black school shoes, long sleeve t-shirt light blue, T-shirt red, slacks blue, mandarin jacket blue are also included. T-shirt striped, tank top charcoal, padded jacket, working boots, floral shirt, and gas mask also comes under it.
  • Xbox G suit set: The Xbox G suit set consists of Xbox G hoodie and Xbox G sweatpants.
  • Xbox 1.0 set: The Xbox 1.0 set consists of Xbox 1.0 hoodie, Xbox 1.0 sweat pants, and a parachute.
  • Western military crate: Western military crate consists of the battle belt, raglan t-shirt, Polo t-shirt, vintage Polo shirt, military cap, military shirt, cowboy hat, etc.
  • Biker crate: It consists of aviator goggles, biker pants, bike pens grey, raglan shirt, sneakers, t-shirt, etc.
  • Desperado crate: It consists of baggy pants black, cloth mask, horn-rimmed glasses, punk knuckle gloves, white pants, etc.
  • Fever crate: It consists of combat gloves, retro floral jacket, zest silk scarf, zest sunglasses, mesh Polo shirt, etc.
  • Aviator crate:  It consists of a paddy cap, pilot pants feathered shirt, etc.
  • Warrior crate:  It contains green pattern balaclava, green pattern t-shirt, etc.
  • Accessory crate:  It contains a green pattern cap and green pattern fingerless gloves.

Final Verdict

Some clothing crates for purchase are wanderer create, survivor crate, biker crate, west military crate, Desperado crate, fever crate, Aviator crate, warrior crate, accessory crate, tracksuit crate, pre-order crate, Xbox 1.0 Set, Xbox 1.0 / 99 set and Xbox G suite set.

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