How to Get Concrete in Minecraft?

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Concrete is an essential item in Minecraft that should always be there in your inventory as it is used to build various items and buildings. It is used for various purposes, and if you do not get it in the game, you may face huge problems. You can use it in the form of block or powder as per the situation, and it is available in 16 different colors. You use any colored concrete block for making various items that you like to use.

When you understand the importance of concrete, you must understand the importance of spawning, so try to know how to set spawn in Minecraft. It helps you retake birth in the game and on that place, which you will set and make sure that ill set the place away from mobs to remain safe. Concrete can be obtained when the concrete powder comes in contact with water blocks, and remember that concrete can’t be made when it comes in contact with rain, water bottled, or cauldrons.

Get Concrete in Minecraft

You can stay connected with the below points as it will help you know more about the concrete and get you can get it in the game.

Step 1:

Select Your Dye – For getting concrete in the game, you have to select your dye first to get the concrete of that color. Minecraft’s options in dye are blue, purple, pink, black, brown, grey, light grey, white, lime, green, cyan, orange, yellow, red, light blue, magenta, etc. You can select any color out of all the colors for your concrete.

Step 2:

Craft Concrete Powder – After selecting the concrete color, you have to craft concrete powder, which is the base of the concrete block. For this, you will require a crafting table with 9 blocks in which you have to add items for making powder. You will require 4 blocks of sand, 1 dye of any color, and 4 blocks of gravel and make sure that you will put all the items to their right places.

Step 3:

Turn Concrete Powder into Concrete – When you are done with the recipe of concrete powder, you have to make concrete contact with the water block. Once you move powder close to the water, then it hardens and turns into concrete. It can be done with the help of flowing water or a block of water as you only need to place the concrete powder next to the water; that’s it. Try to mine the concrete with a pickaxe; otherwise, the block will disappear, and you won’t get another chance to get it.


Once you complete the above reading, you should pay some attention to how to tame a fox Minecraft so that you will also learn about some other elements along with the concrete getting process. It will help you become friends with fox and then breed them to get baby foxes with different shades. Try to make a good concrete powder so that you can get the best concrete for building various items with a hard and strong base.

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