How to Get CP in Call of Duty Mobile?

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There are a lot of things present in Call of Duty, which are essential to grab, which helps to deal with various situations in the game. The most important thing that every player wants in the game is CP’s points, as it is a kind of currency that helps to buy various items. Currency plays a significant role in each and every game, in fact, in real life, too, for making various purchases. All the things are connected to the currencies in the game. 

Get CP in Call of Duty Mobile

CP’s points are easy to acquire, but players need to spend some of their real money to get them. Besides, you can opt for some other, but you need to pay attention to the information below. It’s crucial for every player to know about all the necessary aspects of the game so that they can play the game well. The utilization of various things or items in the game is necessary to defeat your enemies.

Most of the players are worried about getting these points because, without CP, players can’t get anything. You can consider the below points for enhancing your knowledge.

Further details

  • Players can easily get the CP with the help of various purchases, but for that, they need to pay some amount of their real money. One of the easiest ways to earn the CP in Call of Duty is through the gameplay by purchasing the Battle Pass of Season 1. It will help you to set up to 800 CPs just by playing matches on it.
  • When you tend to level up your Battle Pass, then you will eventually be able to receive up to 800 CPs at the tier of 93. It can be considered as enough points for purchasing the Battle Pass of next season also. When you go through the Battle Pass program, you will receive various other rewards along with the CP.
  • After getting the coins, you can either save them for purchasing the next season’s passes, or else you can use them to purchase various items from the store. It can help you to have some savings for the future season, or it can be considered a future investment.
  • Another way to purchase various CP points is directly from the It is the most famous and leading market place for trading on Call of Duty Mobile points. From this site, you can be easily able to purchase various pints for your game and for earning various items in the game. Buyers who buy the points are guaranteed for the delivery by the sellers and are entirely protected from various frauds or cheats.


The above information is safe and fine to consider, so you can consider it without any fear. It can help you to grab various CP points in Call of Duty Mobile for the betterment of your game and levels. Points or coins are very helpful to grab various items from the game store for defeating your enemies.

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