How to Get eSports Sponsors?

In the eSports category, if a gamer is determined to be the smartest, unique, and he/she has abilities, then getting a sponsor can help to earn by playing the game. Twitch and YouTube streamers get a number of sponsors for the promotion of the brand, products, and such other things.

It not only supports financially, but it also establishes a gamer better in several manners. Even looking at Twitter’s popular hashtag like #sponsorus and more, you will find people willing to get sponsored by companies. Some claim that they are pro, whereas some come up with tempting offers to brands for their promotion.

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If you think that you are a pro in a specific game and you stream online, getting a sponsor is a great way to optimize your talent. Gamers willing to sponsor any brand need to know few things before figuring out the method.

What to Expect?

Sponsoring for the first time means you may not have much idea of how it will go. Well, brands contact you with their requirement where they mention the type of advertisement. Below mentioned are common types –

Title sponsor – Brands give a profit of 75% to 100% on their for tournament and athlete play.
General sponsor – For slightly lower profit from the title sponsor, usage of media content and several other tweaks are available in this type. It ranges from 50% to 75%.
Official sponsor – Certain part of the raised fund from an event is given to gamers, and it ranges between 20% to 50% most of the time.
Technical sponsor – For support of event and team with all their equipment, you can get 10% to 20% of the raised fund.
Participating and informal sponsors – You can expect a fee for this kind of support in an event, or you can get 10% of the raised fund.
Before hitting the sponsors, you must know what kind of profit you can expect from their agendas.

What Do You need?

A sponsor will require certain qualities which are –
• What is special in you about an eSports game.
• What kind of audience you have and how loyal are they.
• Type of sponsorship you want from and how much you expect.

After meeting with needs, the contracts start. Sponsors might require additional details as per their needs.

How to Contact?

Several ways are available online, and one of the best methods is to contact the brand from twitter or LinkedIn profile. After contacting them, you know the rest part which we have mentioned above. Don’t act like you haven’t done it before, be professional and don’t tell your charges before them. Let them tell you what kind of percentage they are willing to pay and then make a deal.


While making a deal, you don’t need to provide any information that leads to your privacy. Stay calm and keep some patience because if you want to get the best, you might need to wait for a while. In the meantime, you can harness skills in certain eSports that you are good at.

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