How to Get Flint in Minecraft?

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Flint is a raw material present in Minecraft, which can be found through mining gravel, and you can get it from gravel block. That aspect helps the players have those experiences that they might not get anywhere else while using it. Players can use this element for making different items such as arrows, steel, and many more. But for making an arrow, you will require some other elements too.

The players who are new to Minecraft must face some problems while dealing with the game for the first time. It is crucial for all the players to know how to get a flint so that they can use it and take advantage of it. Once players learn about the flint properly, then they will easily make different items with its use and have more use of the new items. It is the responsibility of all the players to know about different aspects of the game so that they can get proper knowledge about it before getting involved in it.

Get Flint in Minecraft


Here is some information mentioned below, which will help you know how to get flint. It will also help you to know how you can deal with the game by crafting different items for having some advantages from them.

Related Info

  • You can get the flint by destroying the gravel into blocks doesn’t matter you are using your hands to destroy it or any tool. It can be destroyed easily with any of the aspects, whether a tool or a hand. If you prefer to destroy gravel from a shovel, hand, or TNT, then there are 10% chances of getting the flint, and if you use torches or silk touches, then there will be no chance of getting g it.
  • If you use the tool with any fortune enchantment, there are higher chances of getting the flint and making sure you will use the Fortune III. If you do not use the mentioned fortune, you will not get the flint, and if you use the same, it will guarantee you to get the flint. The higher the chance, the higher you will grab benefits from it; otherwise, you have to face some problems.
  • The fletcher villagers used to sell the flint and help to sell the flint in exchange for Emeralds and Gravel. It helps the players to get the best chance to have the flint, and the fletcher villager’s house chests may have chances of getting the flint for 1-3 stacks. If players check these villagers’ houses, they might get flint and get it and use it for making different other items.


It is crucial for all the players to know how to get the flint, and when they consider the above information, they will get earn about the flint. It will also help you know about various other aspects related to flint and the fletcher villagers who can help you get the flint. The more you engage in getting the chests, the more you will get to know about it.

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