How to get Galaxy Skin Fortnite?

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Earlier it was easy to get the galaxy skin in Fortnite, but now this feature is no longer available in the game. Instead of this skin, Samsung has provided two other new skin promotions, which help the players to forget the old one. At the time of updating this feature, it’s now no longer available in the game. It leads to a huge disappointment among a large number of players, but when Samsung introduced new skins, then it’s a relief.

The skins which are newly introduced are the iKONIK and Glow Skins. These two were introduced when the customers were allowed to purchase Samsung products and get these skins free. Only Samsung products can help to unlock these two wonderful and exclusive cosmetic items. The players need to know about various new aspects of the game so that they can remain up to date with the time. But now all these three skins are not available, so there is no need to lose hope you can opt for epic games.

get Galaxy Skin Fortnite

There is a strong connection between the Epic and the Samsung in the past with these three promotional skins. You can get the galaxy skin with some steps in Fortnite.

Ways to get Galaxy

  • If you want to unlock galaxy skin, then you need to buy a Galaxy Tab S4 or Galaxy Note 9. These products are the only ways through which you can have galaxy skins as they only have the offer. But always remember that galaxy limit the offer of the skin to one purchase only, which means that you can get only one skin with one product.  If you have already redeemed the skin with one device, then you can’t redeem it again.
  • After buying the device, the players need to download the Fortnite form the Galaxy Apps, which is in the Samsung Folder. You will find the banner for the game under the tab where it is labeled with “Games” in the store. You can click on the banner and choose to install the game, but it can only be possible after agreeing to the terms and conditions. It also requires an Epic Game account, which helps you to log in to the game and register to have the skin.
  • Once the game gets downloaded, and you have access to play, then the player needs to play it thrice for the first time. It doesn’t matter if the players lose or win the game, but you have to play it three times continuously. After playing the game in regular motion three times, then you will be able to get the galaxy skin in Fortnite. But to get the skin, you have to wait for one to two days.

Final Verdict

After succeeding in playing the game three times after buying a galaxy product, then you will be able to get the galaxy skin in Fortnite. With the help of the points mentioned above, you can easily get to learn how to get the galaxy skin. It’s good news for the Fortnite lovers and especially the galaxy skin lovers in the game.

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