How to Get Golden Weapons in Overwatch?

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Usually, players prefer to play those games which are interesting and action related. Overwatch is a shooting based game in which weapons play a significant role. One of the major weapons in the game is golden weapons, for which players are crazy and run after them. Most of the players remain excited about getting the golden guns, but some don’t know how to grab them. It can be considered as one of the significant queries of the players as it is making the players lack behind from other players.

There are many weapons, and features available in Overwatch about which some of the players are not aware. All the players need to know about various elements of the game so that they can take advantage of them. Knowledge is a must for each and every individual so that they can convert their hard tasks into easy ones. If you don’t show any interest in your aim, you won’t be able to fulfill it and remain unsuccessful.

Get Golden Weapons in Overwatch

Here is some information related to your query which will help you to solve it very soon. It will allow you to grab various benefits from the information and helps you to get golden weapons.

Further Details

  • Before thinking about getting golden weapons first, you need to reach level 25 in Overwatch. It is because you need to collect the currency for earning golden weapons, and that can be possible by winning various matches. The competitive mode in Overwatch is only accessible to those who are eligible to reach level 25 otherwise no. You can only grab the points if you are able to win the various matches. For getting at least one golden weapon, you need to save up to 3000 competitive points.
  • You cannot get the golden weapons with the help of loot boxes or real money only competitive points can help you to grab the weapons. It’s crucial for you to play and win the matches and to earn various competitive points. The main challenging aspect of the game is to win the matches and to save them for the long term till the time you won’t save up to 3000 points. Players will able to get 15 points for each winning and 5 points when the match draws. There are a total of 400 matches, and you can easily grab the points to get golden weapons.
  • Blizzard Entertainment has declared a new way to earn more competitive points at the end of the winning season. It tends to release various other modes such as competitive deathmatch and competitive capture the flag. These two modes are the best to help you out to earn more points in the game. Earning points is not that easy, so it’s hard to grab them and make you suitable to get golden weapons.

Wrap It Up

By considering the above information, you can get to know how to get golden weapons in Overwatch. Proper guidance is a must before opting for any task or performance in-game or anywhere else. You can able to get the golden weapons if you follow the above information. It can help you feel like a hero and makes you earn more competitive points for your betterment.

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