How to get Knife in Apex Legends?

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Apex Legends is a battle royale game with so many features and weapons that helps players fight against various enemies in the game. It is a free-pay game which includes a very famous character named wraith. She helps the players to get the renowned knife of the game and helps to win the game. The knife is called with the name Wraith’s Heirloom Knife and also known as Kunai. Earlier it is the only weapon that can be unlocked from the loot boxes.

get Knife in Apex Legends

Most of the players are not aware of various aspects of the game, which can help them to earn various benefits. It’s crucial for the players to remain updated with the time so they can get knowledge about new aspects. It would be best if you tried to pay proper attention to the game so that you can able to gather that information that you don’t have. If you are able to learn all the basics of the game, you will be able to win the game and get the knife.

You can consider the below-mentioned information for enhancing your knowledge about how to get the famous knife in Apex Legends.

Related Info

  • Players can unlock or get the knife thorough the loot boxes in the game, and that can be crafted like other cosmetics using crafting metals. The player can earn various loot boxes by leveling up in the game and by defeating more enemies. You can also buy some loot boxed with the help of Apex Legends Microtransactions. The thing is that if you want the knife, then you have to work hard and need to be lucky to get the various loot boxes.  
  • There are many loot boxes available in the game, and it depends on the player’s luck, whether they get it. There is no need to worry about 500 loot boxes; you can get at least one who can help you get the knife. It means that if you open 499 boxes and are found to be empty, you will be guaranteed to get the knife in the 500th box. In the current scenario, there is only one character who has Heirloom Items i.e., Wraith.  It’s vital for the players to expect more other cosmetics by considering other players.
  • Players find this Wraith knife so crucial for their wining and more benefits in the game. It can help the players to kill their enemies very easefully with more fun and in an exciting way. It would help if you tried to get the various loot boxes for your betterment in the game.  You can earn a knife by considering the loot boxes.


With the help of the above points, you can understand how you can get the knife in the Apex Legends. It can also help you to understand various news aspects and the importance of loot boxes in the game. Without getting loot boxes, you won’t be able to get the knife for your betterment. 

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